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Give Driving the Green Light Author: dcollins

Published: July 24, 2008

Despite being the main mode of transport for many people, cars are often cited by environmentalists as a primary contributor to climate change; with around 30 million cars on the road in the UK, they …

Category: Cars

Staying Safe On Your Motorbike Author: mpressman

Published: July 24, 2008

Any motorcyclist will know that there is nothing quite like biking down an open road in dry weather on a bike that feels as though it’s made just for you. Many motorcyclists think it beats …

Category: Motorcycles

More Than Just A Game Author: dcollins

Published: July 23, 2008

Since hosting the Rugby World Cup in 1999, the Millennium Stadium has quickly established itself as a world-class sporting venue and more importantly, has developed an enviable reputation as a rugby experience not to be …

Bristol: A City Built To Last Author: asingleton

Published: July 23, 2008

Bristol, the largest city in south west England, is well populated (half a million and rising), and is neatly tucked between Somerset and Gloucestershire along the coast. Its accomplished structures are steeped in history …

Category: Travel Tips

Things You Need To Do When You Turn Fifty Author: dcollins

Published: July 23, 2008

People react in different ways to the reality of reaching their fiftieth birthday. For some it is an event they would rather keep very low key, while for others nothing could be better than …

Category: Finance

Pick a Printer that Packs a Punch Author: asingleton

Published: July 23, 2008

In the world of business, professionalism is everything and perceived levels can literally make or break a business deal or relationship. It’s important, therefore, that everything has a professional gleam – from an organisations …

Category: Hardware

Everyday Accidents: Who Is At Fault? Author: pmcindoe

Published: July 23, 2008

We’ve all done it – tripped up, fallen over, or been the victim of any number of other little mishaps that cause us some embarrassment, especially if it is in full view of someone else.
The …

Category: Society