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Where is best to rent in London? Author: pmcindoe

Published: November 23, 2008

London is an amazing place to live. Whatever your requirements, you are bound to find somewhere just right for you. However, if you jump at the first place you see, you might end up …

Home protection for the elderly Author: pmcindoe

Published: November 23, 2008

It’s probably fair to say that most people feel at their safest whilst at home. It’s a place where you can go and shut yourself away from the world for a while and properly relax; …

Buying the Best Toys at Christmas Author: pmcindoe

Published: November 13, 2008

As it goes, when it approaches that time of year again, every child will start to tell their parents what they would love to have for Christmas.
But, although you would all love to …

How to be a Domestic Goddess Author: vcochrane

Published: November 13, 2008

For thousands of years, Greek goddesses have inspired women to develop their inner strengths. Aphrodite (Venus) was the goddess of love, romance and beauty; Hera was the goddess of marriage, women and childbirth and Hestia …

Expensive phone bills? Cut Them Down To Size! Author: pmcindoe

Published: November 13, 2008

Not so long ago, using the telephone was an expensive business. With telecommunications companies charging high rates, particularly for European or international calls, people often found themselves with exorbitant phone bills come the end of …

How Valuable are your Valuables? Author: asingleton

Published: October 25, 2008

Everyone has different opinions of what is considered valuable. For some people, valuable can be the latest HDTV, digital camera, games console or even plush furnishings such as recliner chairs and deep-pile carpets. …

The big sale: a checklist for selling your home Author: pmcindoe

Published: October 3, 2008

Before undergoing the lengthy and often stressful process of selling your home, it is important to take the necessary measures to ensure you’ll achieve the highest possible revenue for your property. Taking the time to …

Don’t hide the hurt of domestic abuse Author: pmcindoe

Published: September 12, 2008

Sisters, brothers, children and partners – the realms of domestic abuse know no bounds and often it is those closest to the victim who causes the most damage. Instead of providing support through tough times, …