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Chardham Yatra: Dos and Don’ts for Pilgrims

Author: Abhinav  |  Category: Aviation
Published: May 7, 2015

Pilgrims on chardham Yatra get an opportunity to explore mystic natural beauty and sheer spiritualism of Himalayas. All the four destinations which form chardham Yatra are located amidst lofty Himalayan peaks and are surrounding by peerless natural bounties. Rich Hindu cultures and a unique feel of religiousness is something that casts a hypnotic effect on visitor’s mind. However, the journey features huskiness passing through arduous trekking paths and uncertainly climate. That’s why pilgrims need to take care of some important factors when going for the pilgrimage. Given below are some dos and don’ts for yatris.

• A devotee going on Yatra must be physically fit. It is therefore imperative to start preparation in advance. Regular walk of around 4-5km and breathing exercises are recommended. A medical check-up before heading on the journey is also important.
• Get your travel documents ready, if you’re a foreigner. Your Visa, passport and ID proof and other travel documents should be updated and valid.
• If you choose to go with your own vehicle, make sure someone highly experienced is sitting on driving seat. The routes to these temple towns are quite narrow and steep, so you need to be extra careful.
• When parking the vehicle, apply the hand breaks. Be sure it is technically fit for mountainous journey.
• While trekking, keep a normal pace. Yatris are advised to carry a pain reliever and a small first-aid kit.
• In most of the areas, the climate is extremely cool, especially at night. So you better carry some woolen clothes and other attires to keep you warm.
• Respect the local traditions & cultures
• Be in queue and wait for your turn calmly
• Don’t opt for shortcut ways when trekking to the temple. It can be dangerous.
• Don’t leave your group. Help your co-pilgrim in case he feels need of it. Allow each one to have necessary rest.
• Don’t visit to prohibited areas. Please follow the instructions issued by Yatra administration to make your journey safe and pleasurable.
• Don’t fall in strong argument with locals as well as the co-pilgrims. Remember that you’re on a religious journey, so enjoy it peacefully. Ask for permission before photography.
• Don’t drive in excessive speed when you choose to travel by your own vehicle.
• Don’t carry anything illegal like drugs or liquor, as it is strictly prohibited.
• Don’t hurt the religious sentiment of people.

Since the Yatra is taken by a large number of pilgrims from each corner of the country, many reputed travel portals have begun to provide chardham Yatra packages. Such packages come in very handy for those want to perform the Yatra on ease and comforts. Online research can help you find the best package deal. However, make sure you book it from a reliable source. Hungry Bag is a leading travel portal offering chardham yatra package to suit specific needs and budget of pilgrims. If you’re planning to on chardham yatra 2013, booking of your package in advance is recommended.

Author: Abhinav

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