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10 things you must take when going for a chardham yatra

Author: Abhinav  |  Category: Travel & Leisure
Published: March 1, 2018

Going for a Chardham Yatra may appear a daunting task, but with helpful planners & officials always by your side, you will complete the journey without any trouble. The char dhams do hold a special significance in the Hindu religion. And with the budget chardham yatra packages so easily available these days, it is no surprise that rich and poor alike are heading for this destination with great gusto. But before you start off for this spiritual voyage, be sure to carry the following things:

i. Woolen clothes: You are advised to carry woolen clothes to battle the cold. Despite the summer season, these regions usually stay cold throughout the year. Even though the yatra season runs from around May to October, the hills never get sultry and can get quite nippy during the evenings. Apart from the usual fluffy clothes, also pack in heavy pair of socks, woolen caps, mufflers, monkey caps, coats, blazers, etc.

ii. Umbrella and rain coat: Rain is always expected during this time. Since the trekking routes are rocky and there is not much scope for shelter, it would be sensible to carry an umbrella or a raincoat in your backpack. You won’t want your kids to get soaked in these cold damp places.

iii. Walking stick: A walking stick is strongly recommended for the elderly people. If you are well past your 50s or in case you have some difficulties like joint pain, then you must carry a stick for support. The hilly trekking tracks out here are pretty unfriendly and, on no means, they are a bed of roses.

iv. Tennis shoes: While some people do make sure to pack in enough woolens, they often ignore the kind of shoes they are carrying. Fancy shoes or flip-flops aren’t going to help you in these conditions. Strong tennis shoes or sports shoes which can assist you during climbing or walking are strongly recommended.

v. Torch or flashlight: Since, these regions are highly dependent on natural light, a torch or flashlight can come of use after the sunset or during heavy clouds. It is also advisable for security purpose.

vi. Cream: During a chardham yatra, you are likely to face difficult weather conditions ranging from sunny to rainy to windy to bitterly cold. A moisture cream for the skin would be advisable.

vii. Camera: This yatra is not just about spirituality and divine rendezvous. It also helps you set a tryst with the nature and the Himalayas. The beauty of the locales out here is so stupendous that you would be a fool not to bring a camera. Though, most people do have cameras in their cell phones these days, you better bring a proper photographic camera in case you have got one.

viii. Medicines: Travelers are strongly advised to carry medicines including the generally prescribed ones and the special ones for patients.

ix. Binoculars: It would be nice if you can bring along a binocular as well.

x. Food & drinks: It is advisable to carry food & drinks in small containers and bottles for quick snacks during stopovers.

These tips and suggestions have been provided by Hungry Bags for the safety of Chardham Yatra pilgrims. Hungry Bags itself is the biggest supplier of Budget Chardham Yatra packages & deals.

Author: Abhinav

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