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5 Tips To Advertise Your Property For Sale

Author: mark b  |  Category: Real Estate
Published: September 27, 2009

There can be various reasons for you to sell your property. One of the reasons may be that you bought a property and thought you will stay there permanently, but due to some reason you might need to resale the property and to do this you want to advertise it. Here a question might arise that how to advertise your property for sale? There are a few tips for you to advertise your property for sale.

Online listing

Almost everybody is dependent on Internet. Through Internet people are now buying, selling, promoting, advertising on several things. Property buyers might want to visit the internet to get adequate information on properties for sale. So if you want to advertise your property for sale on internet you can do the same and promote it on line. There are good FSBO websites which help to post a comprehensive description with your property pictures. Property buyers generally make a list of good properties which they would like to visit. Now, if your property is not listed in the internet then the buyer may not even bother to know about it from other sources. So it’s very important for you to list your property in the internet.

Newspaper classifieds

Though advertising through internet is popular, the value of classified ads has not diminished. There are several people who regularly follow classified ads to buy many things including properties as well. Many people do not depend on Internet so while looking for an available many prospective, such buyers resort to the classified section of the newspaper. Ads for property in newspaper classifieds include all the basic details of the property.

The ‘For Sale’ sign

Other than the Internet or the newspaper classified section, there are many other avenues that you can adopt to advertise. Such as, if you put a ‘for sale’ sign in front of your property it is likely to catch the eyes of more customers. This sign is very important since this can inform prospective buyers about the availability of the property. More than half of the buyers depend on the for sale sign to buy a property. There are many people who look around for the sign, to know whether there is any property available for sale in his neighborhood.


Several buyers look for a property nearby. To reach such buyers, well designed flyers can be distributed in the locality. This will help the buyers to know about the property which is for sale. A letter box drop facility near the property can help to spread the news easily. Flyers can be posted in those letter boxes to reach the targeted customers. Before posting the flyers you should notice that the flyer is prominently displayed. Cafes, stores, libraries and etc. in the locality can be used to pin up the flyer to spread the news.

Existing networks

Another very important method of advertising is to use the ‘word of mouth’ method. If you want to sell your property then make sure that all your friends and relatives are aware of the plan, as this will help you in getting more customers. Often news spreads from mouth to mouth. So, you should take up this option also to pass your plans to a wider network. This option is often neglected but it is the most important and necessary way of advertising.

Following only one of the above methods or all of them might not be of your help, but if you follow at least two or three of these ways then you can surely achieve what you want to get. But the rest depends on how you advertise them and how attractive can you make your advertisement.

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Author: mark b

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