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6 Unique Fundraising Ideas Involving Kids

Author: arjun352  |  Category: Society
Published: October 11, 2010

Charity fundraising is done for various noble purposes and hence many fundraising events continue throughout the year. So, how you would make your fundraising event unique that would attract people towards it. It is therefore important to plan a unique fundraising event.

Involving kids in the fundraising event is a good idea. There are now many fundraising supplies available in the market that is particularly targeting the kids. Following are some of the ideas involving kids that are both unique and simple.

Things to remember while involving kids to fundraising

If you have plans to involve kids in your campaign, you may however keep in mind the following.

Safe: When the program involves kids, you need to give priority to safety. The campaign shouldn’t involve any hazardous activity or items. The fundraising supplies or fundraising packs shouldn’t contains that can be hazardous to kids.
Easy to participate: You need to devise a campaign that is easy to understand and participate. You can order customised fundraising packs and school accessories to sell amongst kids.
Not too long: Kids tend to lose interest very fast. Hence, keep your program short and simple so they don’t lose interest.
Fun: Plan such events with kids that would hold their interest. You can plan fancy dress party or sell interesting fundraising supplies amongst kids.

Fundraising ideas involving kids

Picnic/camp: You can plan a day out with the kids. The participants may need to pay fees to be in the picnic party. You can also plan it with volunteers, who would donate foods for the party.

No uniform day: similarly, any dress party can be arranged. Kids may also be asked to dress as they want. This is one fundraising idea that is always a success amongst kids.

Charity car wash: Kids love to wash cars, because it is fun. Build up a team of enthusiasts and off you go. However, make sure that you have the fundraising supplies necessary to run the car wash event.

School goodies: School goodies are a great idea of fundraising with kids. Some companies offer special fundraising packs of school goodies at great prices. You can also order for customised fundraising supplies for personalised products.

Toys and book sales: The kids can be encouraged to donate books and toys that they have outgrown. Those then can be sold in a backyard sales or in school grounds.

Fundraising at beach: If you are living by a sea side you can explore the many options to make your fundraising successful. You can arrange simple competitions like build the best sand castle or crab catching or shell collecting for kids. You can introduce small fees for the participants and can also encourage the spectators to donate.

Fundraising ideas involving kids are not limited only to the aforementioned ideas. You can use your imaginations and ideas to invent great fundraising events involving kids. It is important that kids get introduced to social events like fundraising from young age. You can also involve them in selling fundraising packs amongst their friends.


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