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A guide to Amarnath yatra: Climate, timings and precautions

Author: Abhinav  |  Category: Travel & Leisure
Published: March 2, 2018

Amarnath yatra is a trip to the distant and remote caves of Lord Shiva situated at over 13k feet in the hills. Snuggled up in Jammu & Kashmir, this place is very devout and one of the top Indian pilgrim attractions. One of the key elements of the trip is the sighting of the ice sculpted shrine of Lord Shiva or the shivling. It is believed that reaching this remote cave is like reaching the gateway of heaven! Pilgrims combat the grueling climate and terrain and come from faraway places to pray before the shrine. The shivling is also complemented with shrines of some other Indian deities like the Goddess Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha, the son of Shiva!

Climate: This trip is going to pose challenges before you. The climate will be tough to negotiate, since it can turn freezing in no time. Even though the yatra is wisely planned during the warmer season of the year, these Himalayan territories stay cold. At times, the temperature can even plummet below zero degree. The nights are colder for obvious reasons. Besides, if you are visiting during the monsoon, then you should also be prepared for the rough rain. Therefore, it is strongly advised to carry all your protective clothes including woolens & raincoats.

When to visit Amarnath: Amarnath yatra is organized during the warmer season between June and October (or early November). You can easily find Amarnath yatra packages for a trip during any of these months. Ideally, the month of July is the best month for the yatra. It is also the hottest season and the climate is at its salubrious best.

Precautions to be taken: There are many precautions which you must take. Here is a guideline:

i. Do not make the mistake of not carrying enough woolens. Even during the hottest season, the weather here is pretty cold. Besides, it does not take time for the weather to change its gear. It can turn frigid within no time and with little forewarning.

ii. The yatra is physically challenging and an acid test for your fitness. It would be necessary for you to do some physical exercises and to upgrade your fitness level before coming for the yatra.

iii. Special precaution must be taken by patients especially those who have some cardiac ailment or have hypertension. These patients must not plan the trip without a prior approval of the physician. It would be really tough for them to scale the high mountains. Besides, a sudden change in altitude can have a damaging effect on the blood pressure.

iv. Providers of Amarnath yatra packages always request all tourists to be self-dependent and to carry all the basic medicines.

v. It is necessary that you carry accessories like ropes, torches, gloves, etc. These would help you survive emergencies or climatic changes.

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Author: Abhinav

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