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A Win, Win, Win

Author: admin  |  Category: Ethics
Published: January 15, 2008

The Universe has an immutable law. You cannot change it. You can circumvent it. You can not defeat it. It’s the law of giving and receiving.

If you give you will receive!

What you give out to the Universe you will eventually receive that back from that Universe, but 10 fold! So if you give out lies, cheating, greed, and all round nastiness. Guess what you will receive, but 10 times more! Lies, cheating, the greed of others, and all round nastiness from others. Hey it’s the law.

Conversely if you give out truth, fair-play, generosity, and all round kindness. Guess what you will receive? All of that back, but 10 times more. Hey it’s the law!

Every business deal must be a win,win,win!

It must be a win for you. A win for the person you are selling (whether that be a product, a service or an opportunity) and it must be a win for the company you represent. if you were to cheat anyone of the 3, the deal will ultimately fail and so will you!

many many people a lot smarter than me, have said over and over again. Find a way to serve the many and you will ultimately serve yourself.

Focus on the other person’s needs, wants, and desires. Help other folks achieve results and your results will explode. Learn to really listen to what others are saying to you. Learn to ask enough questions to understand their problems or concerns.

If you can discern another person’s problem or issue and demonstrate a solution. The will kick down your door to buy your product, service, or opportunity!

Be a presenter, not a high pressure salesperson!

By: Terry Johnston C.F.P.

Terry Johnston is a CFP (Certified Financial Planner with over 15 years experience in help people reach their financial goals. He believes anyone earning a salary or wages should consider a home based network marketing business, because the Tax advantages are huge. Visit my website theshynetworkmarketer.com

Author: admin

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