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Absolute Black Granite or Volga Blue Granite for Kitchen?

Author: NadiaShuvalova  |  Category: Home Improvement
Published: December 21, 2010

Usually people prefer to use light colors of granite for kitchen countertops but nowadays darker colors are considered more chique. So why not to stand apart from everybody and try something new like Absolute Black or Volga Blue granite?

Black is the most luxurious among all colors. This color implies good taste and elegance in all applications, for example black cars are the only ones considered presentable, black dresses compose most of evening dresses. With black your countertops will look elegant and unique.

Nowadays using black color in home design is very popular. Some homeowners prefer to coordinate their granite countertops with their cabinets, and others prefer a contrast. New granite countertop will be the main part of your kitchen, but it should match with kitchen design. Remember that real beauty is in the harmony of stone and kitchen design.

Absolute Black is Indian granite, and Volga Blue is from Ukraine. The color of first stone is very rich. The second stone resembles the look of grand river Volga in the evening hours – the water is deep and dark but shines. Both stones are very beautiful. Don’t forget that Granite is a very hard stone, which allows you to cut on it or put the hot pans. Granite is also very easy to clean. Granite countertop is an investment in lasting beauty and comfort that will give you many years of wear.

Simple Arithmetic:

granite + black = Absolute Black
granite + black + blue = Volga blue
black + kitchen countertop = luxury and elegant kitchen
black kitchen countertop + YOU = queen of your kitchen

Author: NadiaShuvalova

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