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Always in Action: Tata Motors

Author: Jay Desouza  |  Category: Cars
Published: October 29, 2010

Tata motors are a multinational company which is headquartered in Mumbai and is a subsidiary of Tata group. It is the largest automobile company with leading in commercial vehicles and also tops in manufacturing passenger vehicles. It is a leader in each segment of commercial vehicles with winning products in mid size, compact cars and utility vehicles.

This company was established in 1935 by Tata & Sons as a locomotive manufacturing unit. Tata Motors is dual listed company, both the Bombay Stock Exchange as well as in the New York Stock Exchange. To increase its presence in global market, the company has acquired foreign brands like Jaguar Land Rover. It has set its international footprints in Europe, Middle East, UK, South Korea, Thailand and Spain.

Tata Indica is the first passenger car by Tata Motors. It is a five-door small hatchback with a 1.4 L petrol/diesel I4 engine designed as 475DL internally. It was advertised with ad campaigns featuring captions like “The Big… Small Car” and “More Cars Per Car”. It received huge number of booking in its first week.

However, due to some complaints like not delivering mileage and horsepower as promised, the company re-engineered it and introduced Indica V2(version 2). The new Tata Indica gives a mileage of 14.5 kmpl in city limits and 19 kmpl on highways.

It has four variants equipped with 1.4L, 1405cc diesel engine, 475 IDI microprocessor sourced from Engine Management System to offer high engine performance and high fuel efficiency, 4 cylinder diesel engines with 5 speed gearbox. Tata Indica has an energetic pick up, gut wrenching power and the highest torque in its class to ensure that the Indica V2 gives you more than you could ask for.

Tata Motors makes Indians proud again and again with its latest launch of their new car on 5 January 2010 at Auto Expo, Tata Aria. It is a seven seated car distributed in three rows providing ample seating arrangement. It has a reverse guide system that works in a reverse guide camera.

The Aria is operational with an Anti-Lock Braking System along with Electronic Brake Force Distribution which prevents accidents by increasing the breaking efficiency. It has a luxurious interiors equipped with LCD in the mid of dashboard, stereo audio for CD/MP3, Dual air conditioning with automatic climate control and dimming roof lamps.

This new car is equipped with Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and Traction Control System to improve the stability of the vehicle in case of under steering and over steering. It has 6 full surround air bags that get self inflated within milliseconds of collision.

It features Perimetric Alarm System in case of any theft or door opening attempt. This system not only alerts but also cuts the fuel supply so that the engine can be ignited only with the original key. Tata Aria is powered with 2.2 L, DICOR engine that runs on diesel and generates an utmost power of 140bhp at 4000rpm. The highest torque is about 1700~2700rpm for 320Nm.

Aria is competitively priced between 13-15 lakhs rupees .It is regarded as one of the most capacious and cool designed, comfortable and stylish featured cars.

Thus, Tata Motors is always geared up with its large bold and burly flagship model for India, and possibly the developing world by its new innovations on cars.

Author: Jay Desouza

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