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Are You Confused About Which Car Insurance Policy Suits You The Best?

Author: mark b  |  Category: Insurance
Published: December 29, 2008

Once you step inside the car and take the driver’s seat – chances are that ill fate befalls you. Incidents like damage, injury – or even death can occur. In Canada, possession of car insurance by a car owner is mandatory if you wish to drive on public roads. Car insurance also shields you from unwarranted situations and impending financial liabilities.

In Canada there is a mandatory minimum liability insurance clause that requires an individual to have coverage for $200,000, except for the city of Quebec where one should have a minimum of $50,000. However it is advisable that you have auto insurance that provides liability coverage over the minimum amount. This allows you to comfortably pay for the damaged car and also for the damages awarded by the court in the event that your car hits a person or damages property. As it is necessary to have car insurance in Canada, insurance companies have mushroomed in the country. You can get the coverage in exchange of a nominal amount, popularly known as ‘premium’ which you pay to the insurance company at the end of certain predetermined periods, say a year. The higher the coverage, higher will be the premium.

At the time of the purchase of auto insurance, you will get a Canadian Inter-Province Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance Card also known as “pink card.” The Pink Card is considered as the proof that your vehicle possesses a car insurance anywhere within Canada. This card is of immense importance and a crucial document that you should carry and provide to a police officer if requested. It is recommended not to leave your insurance card in your vehicle. Because if the vehicle is stolen, you lose your card as well.

The most serious problem that has cropped up today while opting for a car insurance policy is not the lack of choice, but surprisingly, the abundance of it. So before you step further and settle with one ask your self the following questions:

1)Can I buy a “new for old policy coverage for my car?
2)Is a rental car worth insurance coverage when my car has been left unused because of a loss in insurance plan?
3)Is coverage protection available for the rental car? If yes then on whom does the responsibility lay?

Select the best auto insurance policy for your car and rest the case. With a dependable insurance broker on your side, you can make the stitch in time. If your car meets an accident and is damaged, car insurance will pay for the expenses. Besides, if the automobile is stolen or vandalized then also a claim can be made for the reimbursement. A major benefit that car insurance policy provides is to meet financial liability. If the car has accidentally run a pedestrian over and injured him, the driver is usually sued. He not only ends up paying the medical bills for the victim
but also for the damages charged thereupon. If you have a third party liability insurance, you can easily compensate for such expenses. Insurance companies like Insuremetoo provides details for this type of insurance and its nuances in detail.

So, get revved up on your car insurance policy as soon as you can!


Rick Jaitley is the owner of the Canadian Insurance company. He has an extensive experience in the insurance field and is a qualified expert. His online company has been working round the clock to provide quality insurance policies to the Canadians. More information visit – http://www.insuremetoo.com/

Author: mark b

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