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Assessing Your Financial Options With A Bankruptcy Lawyer Chicago

Author: GregSmith  |  Category: Legal
Published: November 26, 2010

As the economy progresses to gradually recover, many more individuals are finding they’re in need of great financial help. While corporate entities may have been able to rely on government bailouts and other sources to stabilize their financial situation, little has been provided to help the person in overcoming their monetary obstacles. Whilst many have recognized the harmful habits of overspending our society has embraced, many are now seeking a way to start over in order to use these lessons. For the people ready to make a change, the services of a bankruptcy lawyer might represent their very best interests. Through these people are expertise and experienced you can discover the options that are available concerning your financial situation, primarily incorporating chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcies.

The most typical kind of bankruptcy utilized by people experiencing a need for a monetary overhaul relates to the chapter 7 Chicago bankruptcies. This type of bankruptcy refers to the liquidation of a person’s assets which are not identified as exempt, and the earnings are then distributed to the creditors as a form of payment. This means that an individual’s property may be sold to assist compensate creditors for the losses they are going to lose in your bankruptcy. There are exemptions to what can be sold in these liquidations and to best understand what qualifies is to utilize the services of a bankruptcy lawyer Chicago to assess your assets. Once a case has started, future earnings or investments are protected from the creditors.

In the event that you are an individual who makes a reasonable income with a high level of assets then the options of a chapter 13 Illinois bankruptcy becomes possible. Unlike the chapter 7 version, your assets wouldn’t be liquidated and instead a form of repayment plan will be generated to aid you in paying off your debt. This is usually a choice made by people who have a large number of assets which will be available to liquidate in the event a chapter 7 was to occur. The advantage of pursuing this type of bankruptcy is that normally a bankruptcy lawyer will be able to greatly reduce the debt you owe, making it possible to pay off debts and become debt free earlier than would be possible on your own.

Depending on your current financial standing and asset situation, a chapter 7 Chicago or chapter 13 Illinois bankruptcy can prove to be an incredible aid in getting you back on your feet. Properly assessing your situation would go a great way in aiding to identify which path would be best for you to pursue.

With foreclosure rates in Chicago being some of the highest in the nation, homeowners need to be aware that there are alternatives to foreclosure. To learn more about foreclosure attorney Chicago visit http://www.changandcarlin.com RIGHT NOW.

Author: GregSmith

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