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About Author: Aquila is an internet consultant and marketer focusing on health items. At his web-site you can find health advices, training supplements, vitamins, minerals and natural drugs against common diseases, like: Acne and skin problems, over-weight, hypothyroidism, hemorrhoids, heart trouble, joint pain and rheumatism, depression, constipation and digestive trouble, cold, flu, men's and women's problems, and more. At his website you will also find information and product presentations within the fields: RC models, hobby, electronics, optical instruments, automotive, jewelry, cosmetics and fashion.

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How to Keep Yourself Young and Healthy

Published: June 27, 2008

The aging process is for the greater part no mystery anymore. It consists for a great part of daily damages done on the macroscopic, tissue, cellular and genetic levels. These add up as the years …

Practical Measures to Prevent and Treat Allergy

Published: May 31, 2008

By allergy the immune system react against a substance that it is not supposed to react against, and the reaction is often exaggerated. Objects containing substances that commonly cause allergy are domestic dust, animal hair, …

How to Keep Your Skin Young and Healthy

Published: May 31, 2008

The aging process of the skin is caused by known factors. Skin aging can in great extend be avoided by simple means and aging symptoms in the skin can also often be cured by the …

Category: Beauty

How to Get Rid of Functional Stomach and Bowel Problems

Published: May 31, 2008

Many people suffer from unpleasant symptoms from their stomach, like: Constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, cramps, inflated stomach, acid eructation and pain related to such functional problems. This kind of symptoms most often originates from a colon …

Sexually Stimulating Herbs

Published: May 31, 2008

Herbs have been used in all cultures around the world to stimulate erotic arousal, physical sexual feelings and sexual abilities. In the modern world herbs are increasingly more used both to increase the sexual pleasure …

Category: Sexuality

Erection Problems and Possible Treatments

Published: May 31, 2008

Problems of achieving a satisfactory erection are fairly common. If the problem does not originate from lack of lust and is great enough to make normal intercourse impossible, the condition is called erectile dysfunction (impotence). …

Category: Men's Issues