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Buy Glow Bracelets with Good Chemicals

Author: glowinthedark  |  Category: Arts & Entertainment
Published: December 21, 2010

Glowing bracelets always brings delight to the adults, girls and especially kids. The glowing products also come in the form of necklaces and sticks and mostly people buys glowing bracelets. But the question is that what are chemical makes them glowing all the time? These glowing bracelets filled with the mixtures of different chemicals which make them glowing all the time. Mostly people buy glow bracelets to go in the parties and Halloween for fun all the night.


There are different chemicals used in the making of glowing bracelets. These bracelets are filled with a chemical named as hydrogen peroxide as a catalyst chemical to speed up the reaction, secondly we add a chemical named as cyalume and phynyle oxalate ester to give bracelets glowing shine. The cyalume is chemoluminescence chemical which gives the glowing to the bracelets when it is combined with the hydrogen peroxide. And a florescent dye is also used to give the bracelets a glowing shine and a typical color i.e. red white, blue, yellow, green, orange and etc.

The hydrogen peroxide is captured in a small tube and it floats in the bracelet all the time. Then we add the ammonium carbonate, this is a chemical which also helps the reaction to give glow to the bracelet. The ammonium carbonate is a chemical which is used as baking powder and it is used as the baking soda as well. The glowing bracelets are look like a glass or they look like hard plastic things, you can hear the cracking sound when you bend the bracelets into different directions on your wrists, this is what we call a glass ampule.

When the glass ampule breaks the different chemicals reacts with each other in case of combine with the different materials and chemicals causing the electron to jump everywhere, when these electrons calm down in the tube they give a glowing shinning light to the bracelet. This is a very slower process for making the bracelets to glow. According to the different studies about these chemical it has been proved that these chemical are not toxic but cause temporary symptoms to the person if swallowed or contact with the eye. You will now know what are the chemicals used when you buy glow bracelets.

Author: glowinthedark

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