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Can Virtual PBX Actually be Used in Any Sector?

Author: articlenic  |  Category: Communications
Published: November 4, 2010

Virtual phone systems allow a business of any size to operate seamlessly. Whether the business is a one-man operation or occupies the penthouse suite, Virtual PBX can handle the call volume so that the owner can concentrate on running his business.

New-Fangled, Yet Old-Fashioned

Businesses use the Internet every day. Successful businesses understand how to use it to their advantage. Virtually every company, large or small, has discovered the value of creating a web presence. Web sites are easy to create, easy to maintain, and are a constant advertisement for a company. Customers searching for a product are no longer bound by “regular business hours”, or by conventional geographic boundaries. Email is the logical extension of a company website. It has become a quick and easy form of business communication.

Virtual phone systems are the natural extension of websites and email. Ever since the first completed phone call in 1876, the telephone has become the communication tool of choice for businesses. Telephones have evolved dramatically from those first systems that required a human operator to connect the two parties. Multi-line telephones are a fixture in large offices, complete with a veritable army of clerical support to answer the lines as customers call. Indeed, many individuals form their first impression of a business, positive or negative, based on how quickly their phone calls are answered.

Traditionally, smaller offices have experienced difficulty in competing with their larger and better-staffed competitors. One person with one phone can only answer a set number of phone calls in one day. Virtual phone systems solve that personnel inequity. With a limitless number of lines coming into the call center, each phone call is answered promptly regardless of how many calls come in at the same time, regardless of the time of day or day of the week, regardless of whether the office is actually staffed or not.

Cost Effective

Traditional phone lines are expensive. Long distance charges compile quickly, especially if the owner and the customer are involved in an extended game of phone-tag. State-of-the-art telephone equipment is costly. With a virtual phone system, the company only needs to purchase Internet service and handsets that are Internet enabled. For a low, monthly fee, any business, large or small, has access to the most up-to-date hardware and services.

Most businesses require an extra line to accommodate faxes. For companies that send and receive a large number of faxes, the costs can add up. Virtual phone systems can receive faxes and convert them into documents that can be printed or saved.

In today’s work world, employees often work in remote locations or work from home. With a virtual phone service, a company can bring together all of its employees under one virtual “roof” regardless of their physical location.

Customized Service

From the customer’s point of view, virtual phone systems are indistinguishable from their brick and mortar counterparts. Phones are answered promptly. The business can customize all of the messages, just as if an answering machine were physically located on a desk in the office. Callers are given a menu of choices to ensure that their calls are routed properly. A company can customize the “on hold” time, enabling the customer to listen to a variety of music or to information about the company while waiting for his call to be answered. Features such as call forwarding ensure that critical phone calls are never lost in the system. For calls that are routed into voice mail, subscribers can receive a text message to tell them that they have a new voice message. Best of all, a virtual phone system answers calls twenty-four hours each day.

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Author: articlenic

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