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Case Study on Ankle Trauma Pain Relief and Healing with ProloGel

Published: August 1, 2016

The night of January 10th a patient was hit with a hockey puck in the right ankle towards the end of a hockey game. He finished the game and once the adrenaline wore off he realized he could not put any pressure on his right foot. After a sleepless night, my patient went to Scottsdale Healthcare emergency room thinking he had a broken ankle due to the agonizing pain and inability to put pressure on the ankle.

The x-rays showed no broken breaks, just a bad bone bruise and hematoma from the impact of the puck hitting the ankle. The hospital said to ice the area, keep it elevated and stay off it for 2-3 days. He was given crutches and a prescription for Vicodin to relieve the throbbing pain. The Vicodin, however was not needed because he found pain relief from another way.

Below is a day-by-day recap of my patients healing process using ProloGel that followed after going home from the hospital.

Day 1

Patient applied Prologel to right ankle after using a hot, damp towel to clean the area then messaged in the cream for about 15 minutes. It was very sensitive and painful it was to rub in the cream. However the pain was alleviated after about 10 minutes of treating the ankle with ProloGel. The patient went back to icing the area and keeping the ankle elevated. He repeated this process two more times on the first day. Toward the end of the day the patient noticed he could put a slight bit of pressure on the foot to support some weight without too much pain. He decided to let it rest and see what tomorrow brings.

Day 2

After waking up, the patient noticed his ankle was looking much better, with less swelling and bruising. He tends to get the worst bruising 2-3 days after an injury so he was pleased with the results. His ankle was feeling better and tested how much weight he could put on it which had also seemed to have improved. After applying ProloGel, he again noticed pain relief. He continued applying ProloGel for a total of four times on the second day along with keeping it elevated for part of the day and icing the ankle after applying Prologel.

Day 3

After waking on the start of the third day the patient had a difficult time detecting the bruising and swelling. Additionally, his foot pain was much less severe. Feeling very encouraged and standing much easier, he showered and immediately after applied Prologel to the injured ankle and messaged in the cream. At this point, he was able to put some pressure on the ankle and hopped around without using the crutches. About mid-day, the ankle was hurting from over-use. My patient applied another application of ProloGel after cleaning his ankle and got immediate pain relief. He went out to dinner shortly after and felt no discomfort even though the ankle was not elevated. My patient applied Prologel 3 times on the third day and did not have any noticeable pain unless he put pressure on his heel to walk.

Day 4

The bruising and swelling was almost gone upon waking on Day 4 and the patient was able to walk on his ankle with about 70-80% of my body weight. By noon he was able to walk regularly on his foot using 100% of his body weight. He felt so good that he went to the gym to do some stretching and to use the steam room. An interesting note is that the trauma area was still very sensitive to the touch but was not causing any pain and there was no further bruising or swelling after the first application of ProloGel.

Note: The patient found applying ProloGel after taking a hot shower, sauna or steam room is ideal for getting the most pain relief and healing benefit.


The patient is a regular when it comes to injuries from playing hockey and mountain biking andhe had never seen a recovery like this.

Quote from patient: “I now understand after experiencing the healing power of ProloGel why it works so well and why I was able to heal so quickly. My take is that ProloGel provides the area of trauma with the nutrients to accelerate the healing process. This is apparent with my ankle because there was no further bruising and swelling (my body went immediatelyinto recovery mode). Additionally, ProloGel goes to the nerve(s) and helps relieve this pain as well (nerves are the source of our pain). ProloGel seems to help the body to heal itself quicker, without the constant pain that we typically experience throughout the healing process.”

Dr. Howard Rosen, inventor of ProloGel, offers an empty bottle guarantee in case you still are not sure your body’s aches & pains can be healed with this cream.

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