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How Facebook is affecting our lives? Author: MyLife. Refund

Published: March 4, 2018

Social media sites have certainly brought in a tremendous change to the way people connect with each other all over the world. One of the most widely used social media platforms is Facebook. Seeing the …

5 Tips For Good Mortgage Quote Comparison Author: mark b

Published: October 24, 2009

The concept of mortgage has become an important aspect in today’s world, especially, with the axe of recession falling on this sector very heavily. But the main thing that affects the mortgage industry is the …

Make Money from your Mortgage Author: pmcindoe

Published: October 15, 2008

The worldwide economic climate has been subjected to a spot of doom and gloom recently and tightening the purse strings is a current hot topic. Money saving may not be something you directly associate with …

Smart people plan ahead Author: pmcindoe

Published: September 6, 2008

The boy scouts have it just about spot on with their short and sweet motto: Be Prepared. There is no dilly-dallying around the fact that we are in the middle of a recession, with the …

Mortgages: More Than Just a dead pledge Author: asingleton

Published: September 6, 2008

Most people in the UK are familiar with the word mortgage; but how many know exactly what the word means and how mortgages work?
The word mortgage is derived from the French language and literally …

It’s a buyer’s market after all Author: pmcindoe

Published: August 26, 2008

Recent years have seen an increasing amount of panic relating to the worldwide financial situation. An economic downturn can have an adverse affect on many who have allowed their borrowing to run away from their …

Fixed Rate Mortgages: Are They Right For You? Author: asingleton

Published: July 17, 2008

Purchasing a property is, for the majority of people, the biggest single financial obligation of their lives, so it pays to research the market heavily as the scale of the commitment means getting the wrong …

Mortgage Help for Homemovers Author: asingleton

Published: July 12, 2008

If you feel muddled by the different mortgage options on the market don’t despair as help is available. The best place to start is by looking at mortgage application criteria before singling out a mortgage …