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Fit the Best Golf Ball for your Game Author: golfgear

Published: September 21, 2011

The number of golf balls on the market at the moment is staggering but there’s little information out there to help you pick the correct ball for their game. Most manufacturers will produce a distance …

Golf Lesson – The Grip Author: designergolfwear

Published: November 12, 2010

This is the first basic fundamental of the golf set-up and is often the most difficult to correct as it provides the golfer with feel. A correct grip provides a solid connection between golfer …

Ladies Golf Goes From Strength to Strength! Author: Golfer123

Published: October 20, 2010

Ladies golf is rapidly increasing in popularity. With the likes of Michelle Wie leading the charge, ladies golf is growing in strength, and golf shops are proud to be part of this revolution.
Ladies golf …

Aberdeen: The New Home of Golf? Author: pmcindoe

Published: November 30, 2008

Scotland is the home of many things – whisky, tartan and shortbread to name a few – but it is perhaps the Scots’ contribution to the world of sport that has had the biggest affect …

A Brief History of Ladies Golf Author: pmcindoe

Published: November 13, 2008

Women’s golf is extremely popular in the UK, illustrated by the fact that there are over 220,000 registered members of the 115-year-old Ladies’ Golf Union.
Formed in 1893, the Ladies’ Golf Union (LGU) is the …

Are You Fully Equipped to Play Golf? Author: asingleton

Published: October 29, 2008

Many people find that eighteen holes of golf is the perfect antidote to a stressful and packed work day, or just a great excuse to get out in the refreshing open air for a few …