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Chemtrails Left In the Sky by Aircrafts – What are These

Author: Aquila  |  Category: Environmental
Published: January 23, 2013

Often people in towns and rural areas see airplanes flying at a high altitude and leaving tracks that do not dissolve, but linger and spread out, commonly called chemtrails. The same planes turn back and leave parallel tracks, or several of these planes fly parallel to each other when laying the tracks. The tracks float together and become a mist shielding for the sun from horizon to horizon and decreasing the temperature in the area under it.

People populating the area beneath sometimes report getting respiratory illness or otherwise feel sick after a session of chemtrail spraying. Sometimes one also see a thin sheet of powder covering water surfaces afterwards, and chemical analyses of such material has revealed content of aluminum, barium, and several other elements normally not found in the water.

The phenomenon is commonly explained as ordinary contrails that are left in a cold air saturated with water, making ice crystals that do not dissolve, and that the whole sky get covered because of high air traffic. But this does not explains the flying patterns of these airplanes that do not adhere to normal traffic regulations. Neither does it explain that the covered area has sharp margins and that others planes often cross the same area without leaving such tracks. And this activity is furthermore observed in areas with normally small air traffic.

Therefore it seems probable that there is an international project going on that deliberately spray substances that cloud up the sky. The purposes can be several, and probably more than one. Let us look at possible reasons and how important each of them may be:

Some people are sure that the governments spray populated areas to make people sick and thereby increase death rate and cause infertility with the purpose of decreasing the global population. Maybe this really happens in a minor scale to test out how it can be done. It is a historical fact that governments in several countries have used populations as involuntary Guinea pigs in hazardous experiments, so this possibility must be considered. This purpose is unlikely to be a major one, however, since the responsible people and their families would also be at risk.

One can be sure that the military occasionally test out spraying of substances to make an aerial territory opaque for electromagnetic waves of certain frequencies to render the radars and missile navigation of enemies useless, since military research is likely to test out any technique that can be useful. But a grand scale use of such substances would also make own defense technology useless, so this purpose can only explain a limited part of the activity.

Maybe governments test out administering of vaccines by air to large populations. This explains why people often report feeling sick after a heavy chemtrail session. A vaccine spread by air would be most effective if it causes a mild or often unremarkable form of infection that is contagious. The usefulness of such countermeasures against diseases is also so great that governments surely are tempted to try out this vaccination approach, even though it has ethical issues. The explanation must be considered to be at least a part of the explanation for the activity.

The greatest part of the chemtrail activity is most likely a grand scale weather modification program, or a grand scale test of weather modification, with the main purpose of counteracting the greenhouse effect and global warming. The method used is then spraying of submicroscopic particles containing aluminum, barium and other substances that stimulate formation of ice crystals that make up persistent clouds. These clouds will both shield for the sunrays and reflect them back from earth.

This explanation is likely because the chemtrail mist actually is seen to shield for the sun and decrease the temperature beneath, and because large areas in Europe and North America have experienced a temperature decrease the last decade, in
spite of a general global warming. The talk from politicians and other authorities about the danger of global warming and the necessity of countermeasures also makes it likely that much of the chemtrail activity can be explained this way.


Knut Holt is a business consultant and marketer interested in the scientific and health fields. To read more about scientific and health topics, and to find interesting fitness products, disease treatment products and technical items please see his web-site.


Author: Aquila

Aquila is an internet consultant and marketer focusing on health items. At his web-site you can find health advices, training supplements, vitamins, minerals and natural drugs against common diseases, like: Acne and skin problems, over-weight, hypothyroidism, hemorrhoids, heart trouble, joint pain and rheumatism, depression, constipation and digestive trouble, cold, flu, men's and women's problems, and more. At his website you will also find information and product presentations within the fields: RC models, hobby, electronics, optical instruments, automotive, jewelry, cosmetics and fashion.

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