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Create Your Own Website

Author: mark b  |  Category: Software
Published: July 31, 2009

Way back in the early 1990’s websites made their humble foray into the world of Internet with simple hand written codes in HTML that involved little complexities and lesser flexibility. With changing times, the simple HTML was soon replaced by complex and flexible markup language giving website owners the scope to add objects like tables and images to a web page. With the advent of the second generation Internet down the years there has been a real website boom to say the least! It’s not only the mounting need to own a start up business website and the escalating demand of software designers but there is also massive requirement for better and simpler WYSIWYG web builders by users to ensure easy and stress free website building experience.

With the e-commerce outburst people by and large are now connected to the web using broadband connections. Henceforth, it has become possible to use website builder such a flash website builder online rather than buy or download one. The online website builder provides businesses, organizations and private users faster and cheaper options compared to seeking the help of professional web designers or learning how to write source codes. Audio visual presentation of the content can be controlled easily by using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Nowadays, database integration technologies like server-side scripting and design standards have further modified and altered the way pages are constructed.

There are two kinds of website builders available in the market:

Online Tools: Online tools provided by different web hosting companies prove to be beneficiary, especially, for those who lack technical know-how of web designing but wish to create and publish their website on the Net. The clients, in this case, pick the page designs that fittingly serve their purpose. Since online website builder demand signing up of the clients with the web hosting company, the majority put forward lucrative free trial periods to bait qualified traffic. Web hosting companies offer wide selection of services comprising the creation of basic personal web pages and social network content to make e-commerce websites. The websites are either based on templates or on more flexible platforms. Though some tools allow users to view the source code, there are scores of companies that allow modification only of certain designated areas on the page, such as the text, headers and some graphic elements.

Software: There are offline web building software like Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Standard which run on PCs. The pages are then published on any web host. People with little or no graphical skills or technical/ HTML knowledge can take advantage of the added facilities like blogs, calendars, and e-commerce can opt for offline website builder. It is of great help to professional web designers in particular, who are required to create several pages for a number of clients. Contemporary offline WYSIWYG website builder allow the direct editing of source code and CSS styling. What also go in favor of off-site web builder is their swiftness and usage flexibility. But they are high on cost. However, a number of open source website builders are downloadable free of cost.

Online web building software or offline website builder, it’s the need and the budget of the client that would ultimately give the final verdict when it comes to settling with one.

Daniel O’Brien is behind many successful startup enterprises and has built a number of new and exciting tools to support new business and business growth, including sitebones.com, asentor-crm.com.

Author: mark b

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