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Cut the Cost of Energy Bills

Author: dcollins  |  Category: Finance
Published: January 24, 2009

Cutting energy costs is achieved best through a combination of actions. But using less energy to begin with is a good place to start, and something everyone in your household can contribute towards.

Cutting down on the amount of energy you use doesn’t have to be difficult; a few simple changes here and there could bring you cost savings of several hundred pounds each year as well as lowering the number of emissions you produce. Indeed, both your bank balance and the environment can benefit.

The easy ways to save energy are often forgotten in the hustle and bustle of everyday life but once you get back in the swing of energy efficient ways, you’ll wonder how you ever slipped out of them in the first place.

Switching off the lights when you leave a room is a major money saving method and whilst on the subject of lighting, why not replace your light bulbs with energy saving versions? An energy saving light bulb lasts up to ten times longer than their ordinary counterparts and using just one can save you a substantial amount over the lifetime of the bulb.

Another quick and simple way to cut energy costs is by switching appliances off properly, rather than using the standby; therefore, next time you have finished watching television turn off switch and you will soon discover that you are saving the pennies already.

In addition, when going about your domestic duties remember to fill washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers to full capacity if possible. One full load uses less energy than two half loads, so simply filling up your machines can help greatly. The fridge is another kitchen appliance that can cost you a considerable amount; if your fridge is turned up too high it will be working overtime to keep everything cold, and thus driving your bills skywards. Therefore, have a quick check to ensure your fridge isn’t turned up too high; adjusting accordingly if it is. The same principle applies to the freezer, but you can keep costs down here by making sure you regularly defrost yours.

Having a look at your thermostat is another straightforward way to cut emissions and utility bills. By turning your thermostat down just 1°C you could cut your heating bills by a good proportion. Of course, the chances you probably won’t even notice 1°C of difference, but if so you can always pop on a cosy jumper and forget about the cold.

And once you have put some energy saving methods into practice, you should notice a drop in your gas and electricity bills. If you want to push them down even further, consider managing all your utility accounts online; this usually achieves more saving in comparison to traditional paper bills, so get on the internet and register for paperless billing.

What’s more, paying your bills by monthly direct debit will also save you more money per annum; and another easy way to cut your energy costs is to compare utility bills in order to find the best deal available to you.

Indeed, from making such small changes to how you run appliances in your home, in addition to keeping track of the costs of your utility bills, it is possible to save money, whilst at the same time energy too.

Daniel Collins writes on a number of topics on behalf of a digital marketing agency and a variety of clients. As such, this article is to be considered a professional piece with business interests in mind.

Author: dcollins

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