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Electric Power Generators: Deciding on the Ideal Power Generator for the Facility

Author: articlenic  |  Category: Business
Published: December 10, 2011

The best time for any company to implement a electric power generator (a.k.a. gen-set) is before it requires one. Unfortunately, a wide range of corporations wait until it is too late, and spend a power outage planning to contact a generator service soon. Some entities can withstand power outages better than others. But this is certain: businesses that operate an electrical power generator can perform business as usual during power outages, and businesses that do not operate one ordinarily cannot. Generators come in various capacities with assorted features, and choosing the very best one will ensure the next outage doesn’t leave your property in the dark.

Basic Things to Consider for Deciding on a Generator

Prior to deciding what genset to buy, a business should meet with a electrical generator services provider. At the initial consultation, the provider will schedule an inspection of the client’s facility to determine what kind of unit is required and how to do the installation. After the customer knows which sort of equipment it needs, they may start shopping. Additionally, they may expect the provider to suggest quite a few solutions.

For a number of businesses, the first problem of purchasing a gen-set is price. But it’s important to appear beyond a generator’s price tag and see the price of operating it for years on end. One example is, diesel generators frequently are less expensive than natural gas models. But, because diesel is more expensive than natural gas, natural gas models are typically cheaper to use. Corporations also needs to consider purchasing a gen-set used, especially when a suitable model is available in refurbished form.

Although buying an electric power generator secondhand appears risky, industrial models are recognized to offer yrs of service, especially when they are well maintained and retro-fitted with new technology as needed. To feel safe about buying generators used, companies should observe the following steps:

  • only buy from an expert seller of pre-owned generators (e.g. avoid buying from corporation auctions or unqualified eBay merchants),
  • check the seller’s reputation in the Better Business Bureau (BBB),
  • ask for a copy of a generator’s official maintenance record, and
  • conduct a first hand inspection of the power generator, or have an expert 3rd party conduct the inspection.

Further Concerns

Once a corporation knows which type of electric power genset it needs, it will carefully consider who should install it. Sometimes, corporations have generators installed by a construction company, which puts them in the position of performing project management. A better choice is to have a unit installed by an independent genset dealer who performs project management like a service to its customers. With a dealer performing project management, projects have greater possibility of being finished on time and within budget.

Another concern – one which will occur following a generator’s warranty is expired – is who should keep up with the electrical generator. The majority of companies have a generator’s manufacturer perform maintenance. But 3rd party upkeep can provide the same quality for less money. Unlike original equipment manufacturer (OEM) servicing rates, that are known to fluctuate, 3rd party costs remain set for the contract period.

While preparing to write this article, I learned a lot about generator services and power services at PrimePower.com.

Author: articlenic

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