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Ever tried buying wine and champagne online?

Author: katie thompson  |  Category: Reference & Education
Published: January 23, 2013

Making important decisions and delegating initial steps to achieve an overseas internship should be implemented with precision and care. It is essential for one to pre – plan a stay abroad one year in advance. This will ensure one won’t fail to miss deadlines in applying for an internship abroad. Prior to the destination one can seek time to improve their linguistic skills by attending recognized institutions, or by practicing otherwise. Enhancing language skills is a vital tool to achieve acquaintances with locals, and obtain prospective career opportunities. One has to undergo certain procedures to meet their desired requirements. These are:

Initial arrangements

  • Acceptance of application – is the first step to achieving one’s dream. Thereafter, formalizing the acceptance in a mutual contract is essential. It may be an unpaid internship program, if that is so, one should make sure that certain necessities such as food and transport are fulfilled by the host organization or company.
  • Financial assistance – Organizations in universities and high schools offer assistance to individuals who want to do an internship abroad with most requirements, mainly emphasizing on the financial aspects such as; shifting overseas, transportation costs, paying temporary housing and additional insurance.

    Arrangements prior to departure

    Information about the overseas country

  • Having an overseas trip is always an exciting and thrilling experience. An individual should adapt to the diverse culture, language and a different way of living. Once an individual has reached the destination, initial preparations are advised such as; familiarizing with the visa and safety regulations and applying for an extended visa/ work permit with the foreign government. One does not go overseas as a tourist but as an employee, it is important to learn about the employment sector and industrious competency development.
  • Accommodation in a foreign city can rather be challenging. Finding an appropriate and comfortable house can be strenuous and demanding. Certain host organizations assist to locate a suitable lodge or room for temporary use. Hostels can also be an excellent option for interns to reside in.
    Essential documents required

    • Visa and work permit
    • Valid ID and passport
    • Insurance and tax card
    • Credit card / debit card
    • International student identity

    Certain documents such as the work permit are not required. But some countries have their own rules and regulations, so it is safer to have these essential documents as it is a “prevention from fiascos”. Having extra copies of these documents can refrain one from unnecessary situations.

    The most common overseas destination chosen by many students is China. Students who have followed their education abroad, like the popular China study abroad program and continued with the internship program; mostly preferred Shanghai Internship, do not have to follow these guidelines, unless they prefer to make another international destination. This guide consists of detailed and necessary information about extensive travel and the aspects to be full filled. There is simply nothing better than an internship abroad. So plan it now!

  • Author: katie thompson

    I am a journalist and a veteran content writer. I have 5 years experience in copywriting and journalism.

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