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Everyone can use a Desert boot

Author: SAP64  |  Category: Product Reviews
Published: February 10, 2011

A Desert boot, although technically designed with the military and camouflage in mind, can be worn by just about anyone.

A desert boot is no different to any other high specification, quality, and well-made boot. The only real difference between a desert boot and any other boot is the color. As said desert boots are manufactured with the military in mind and will be used in desert conditions to assist with camouflaging military personnel. In the rough terrain and vast space of desert areas camouflage is very important and a desert boot is the best for this situation due to their lightness in color. That said there is no reason why you can’t wear a desert boot in other locations that are dry and hot.

With the not so humble desert boot you get a variety of styles. There are the low-rise styles, which are more like a shoe, and there are the 8″ high styles which offer excellent ankle support. You will find that the desert boot is also labeled as a combat boot, there is little difference between the two and both can be light in color. The desert boot can come with a variety of different features. You could have steel toe boots, waterproof finishes and a range with side zip as well as laces to provide extra comfort.

What you will get with your desert boot other than comfort is the benefit of moisture wick linings and good ventilation. Many of the desert boot ranges have leather/suede and nylon uppers to keep feet supported yet cool and comfortable. A desert boot can be worn by anyone. First responders who work in dry and arid conditions may choose a desert boot because of the superior cooling qualities built in. We all want comfort and even if we just choose a desert boot as leisurewear then we still want that comfort.

Hikers, walkers and campers alike all need good quality, sturdy and durable footwear and a desert boot is ideal for all of those people. The desert boot or combat boot could be worn for long lengths of time and there is not much footwear you can say that about. Comfort in any shoe or boot is paramount and especially if you are in the harsh, arid and hot conditions in a desert. Military personnel definitely need a desert boot and some of them are manufactured to military standards. There is absolutely no reason you can’t wear a pair of desert boots just as a fashion item if you so wish.

There are some very well known names in the desert boot range, Wellco, Haix, Magnum, Converse and 5.11 Tactical. All of these brands make a range of desert boot and there will be something to fit most budgets. What you will get as an absolute minimum from all of the above brands is excellent manufacturing quality, advanced materials, support, cushioning and extreme comfort. Let’s face it we can be very demanding of what we want from our footwear and all of the above shouldn’t be difficult to find in a desert boot. Whoever you are and whatever you do you need a desert boot to keep your feet comfortable and protected.

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Author: SAP64

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