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Author: mark b  |  Category: Interior Design
Published: April 9, 2010

Commercial facilities are also in need of Interior advise it’s not just for the home. Interior decoration is also needed when a business or corporation wants to give a successful statement in the appearance to a future associate or a possible stock holder. Lavish decorations that appear as though no expense was spared gives the statement that this is a successful business. A business waiting area may appear familiar, as the same decorations and style may also be used at upscale Inn’s.

Making a retreat from your on bedroom may save you a little expense, considering the high cost of gas and rental cars. Staying home instead of vacationing now has it’s own phrase, some are calling it a “stay-cation”. Why leave and spend a lot of money elsewhere when you can create a vacation to the Islands feel right in your own home with the help of a Professional Decorator.

When looking through Vacation Brochures for a summer retreat, be sure to take note of the ideas you could incorporate into your own home design. Discuss with your Residential Image Consultant your interest in having the look of a resort or hotel in your home or just the bedroom. The Consultant has ways to help you reach your design goals.

When selling or staging your home it may be necessary to get advise from a professional Home Decorator for showing the house. This may help you to sell your home more quickly. Curb appeal is important, but once inside the buyer needs to see themselves in every room with their own decorations and furnishings. Be sure to remove your personal trinkets.

A bedroom must look solely as a bedroom, it is okay to include a reading nook or a small sitting area if the room is large enough. Too much furniture gives a heavy feel to a bedroom that you are staging. Remove any unnecessary furniture to give as much floor space as possible. When entering a room the bed needs to be on the first wall you see to allow for a full view of the bed.

When showing your house to potential buyers it is important to remove clutter, make the home look clean and cared for. Piles of toys or clothes are big turn offs when trying to sell your home. You will want to define the room or space with only the items that reflect the intended use. If an office is the intended use for the room, a desk with a chair and shelves with neatly placed books would be very suitable. Be sure to soften the look with baskets or decorative boxes.

If choosing to stay in the home and not sell, it would be time to just upgrade the paint and interior decor with the advise of a Consultant that can lead you in the right direction to accomplish the style that best suits your taste. Creating a flow from one room to another is also important. Flooring is another important element to give the overall look.

If you’re considering move, it might be a great idea to contact an Interior Design Consultant or Decorator. These Consultants have made it their business to know everything about the latest styles in interior design. Inside scoop on interior design consultants now on http://www.tollgard.co.uk/

Author: mark b

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