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Find Out About Cisco Processor Engines: Showcasing the 7600-SIP-200

Author: articlenic  |  Category: Hardware
Published: May 28, 2011

Processor engines-also referred to as central processing units (CPUs)-are the element in a computer system which carries out the particular instructions of software. The CPUs found in commercial settings are often stronger than those used in residential settings, especially because of their power to process information transferred over a WAN (wide area network). Processing engines can be found in many brands, with Cisco being one of the highest rated. In the following paragraphs, we evaluate the key features and benefits with the Cisco 7600-SIP-200, a perfect processor for businesses and providers that need the best scalability and performance.


The 7600-SIP-200’s options help it become a fantastic option for groups that need to merge interfaces towards a highly scalable platform and also set up high density WAN aggregation based on the subsequent data link protocols: Frame Relay, Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC), ATM, or SONET/SDH (POS). Concerning these preferences, one of the most critical features of the 7600-SIP-200 are actually:

1. A top overall performance WAN services card

The card sustains QoS, bandwidth optimization, along with security measures, doing away with the expense of employing service modules for each and every one.

2. It can handle approximately 4 SPAs per module.

Using 4SPAs per module offers high-density aggregation together with numerous interface types.

3. Improved SPA support for elite routers

This enables you to use SPAs throughout your portfolio of Cisco hardware.

4. 512 MB/1 GB max

This allows you to sustain huge routing tables, QoS features, and top scalability.

Added Benefits

The 7600-SIP-200’s vital capabilities offer you benefits which various other routers in the very same class don’t, such as:

  • Incredible flexibility that allows you to mix and match various interfaces using the same interface processor, getting rid of the requirement of additional access resources.
  • QoS features that allow you to preserve bandwidth simply by decreasing bandwidth to unnecessary applications.
  • A maximum memory ability that allows you to realize improved customer density, leading to increased sales.
  • Modularity that allows you to “pay-as-you-grow,” though generates a high-density solution.

The value of refurbished processor engines

The reliability and quality of Cisco processor engines make them sought after candidates for refurbishing. Soon after being refurbished, many Cisco processors can be bought for less than half of their original price, and are often offered with a lifetime warranty by it services that specialize in servicing and refurbishing Cisco products. Oftentimes, refurbished Cisco goods are ones which businesses replaced well before their useful lifespan expired.

Cisco offers several enterprise-level processing engines besides the 7600-SIP-200. Various other popular refurbished Cisco processing engines would be the:

  • 7304-NPE-G100,
  • NPE-G2,
  • 7300-NSE-100,
  • 7300-NSE-150,
  • 7600-SIP-400,
  • 7600-SIP-600,
  • RSP720-3C-GE, and also the
  • RSP720-3CXL-GE.

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