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Going the extra mile and volunteering can change lives, including yours

Author: dcollins  |  Category: Self Improvement
Published: July 24, 2008

Volunteering is an essential part of modern day society, with both organisations and individuals depending on the voluntary work of others. Indeed, volunteers form the base of most charitable organisations and without them, charities would not be able to offer the support and care they currently do.

Today, there are millions of charities across the globe; each having been set up to help those in need. Consequently there is now a huge range of services on offer for people who are affected by such things as natural disasters, abuse or terminal illness.

And, without such aid, many simply could not cope. Finding out you have a terminal illness like cancer, for example, can radically change your life. Whilst some are able to deal with the fact they have an incurable disease, many are devastated by the news and can be left feeling alone and scared. Therefore, the role a volunteer plays in helping people get to grips with cancer is vital.

Cancer volunteering is also a great way to do something beneficial for society; not only do you get to feel good about the fact you have helped someone out – probably a lot more than you realise – but it can be lots of fun too, with the opportunity of meeting new people and experiencing new things.

Fundraising is a fundamental part of volunteering for a cancer charity. The funds raised are imperative for contributing to research and development into the different areas of cancer, including treatment and patient care. They are also important for delivering a wealth of information on the topics of cancer to people who have been directly or indirectly affected. There are many activities that can be organised to raise funds, and there is no limit to the creativity you can apply. In fact, the more interesting or unusual the idea, the better!

However, fundraising is not the only element to volunteering. For example, you could help to educate people about the issues involved with cancer and so encourage others in the community to become involved in fundraising activities.

Alternatively, it is possible to utilise the professional skills you have, such as hairdressing, giving manicures or complementary therapies, by volunteering at support centres. These types of initiatives are great since they offer cancer patients and those who have been affected by cancer to go and interact with one another, as well as giving them the opportunity to receive information about their illness and talk to others about how they are coping.

Volunteering through the company you work for is another possibility, with many organisations working with charities to encourage and involve their staff in helping people affected by cancer.

Cancer volunteering is thus a great way to not only help others, but also to give something back to the community. And, in return for the time you spend, you can gain satisfaction in the knowledge that you are really helping others who need it the most.

Daniel Collins writes on a number of topics on behalf of a digital marketing agency and a variety of clients. As such, this article is to be considered a professional piece with business interests in mind.

Author: dcollins

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