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GPS Fleet Management – How Technology Can Help Reduce Your Running Costs

Author: mark b  |  Category: GPS
Published: September 26, 2008

Major advances in technology and manufacturing has meant that GPS Tracking technology is now readily available, and affordable to both businesses and consumers alike.

GPS is now seen as a necessity for anyone who has a fleet of vehicles and is interested in using them daily. It may seem to an average man that where does the need for GPS tracking arise when everything is going on well without it.

GPS Tracking systems offer a number of benefits to their owners. In this article we will focus on the benefits of GPS Tracking devices installed in vehicles and fleets.

With the rising cost of fuel a GPS Tracking device fitted to a vehicle can help to increase the awareness of the efficiency of the driving, or how much fuel is being consumed. It can also help business locate the whereabouts of a company vehicle and if necessary, allocate them to a new job request that is close to their location. Not only does this help to improve the efficiency of your fleet, but also provides your customers with a much improved, responsive service.

Probably one of the most obvious reasons for installing GPS Tracking devices in fleet is to track the location of your vehicle either when out on a job, or if the vehicle is lost or stolen.

Technology such as geofencing will allow the owner of a fleet to receive alerts if the vehicle breaks a virtual boundary, useful if you suspect your employees are using your company vehicles for something other than work.

Another area of importance that can result in cost savings for your business is Insurance. Generally, Insurance companies know that vehicles that have GPS Tracking devices installed are less prone to accidents and thefts. This alone can contribute to about 15-20% savings in your bill.

In today’s business world, with increased pressure and profit expectations, the Investment of a GPS Tracking device to assist with the management of your fleet is a necessity.

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Author: mark b

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