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How do you get Yeast Infection? | Solutions for yeast infection

Author: jammulanaresh  |  Category: Alternative Medicine
Published: August 8, 2013

Yeast is a fungus, naturally our body contains a certain amount of fungus. Scientifically known as “Candida” and formerly called as monilia albicans.

Candida albicans is a small building fungus. It is present in the intestinal tract of all human beings.

The acidophilus is a bacteria that keeps the Candida (Yeast Infection) in proper balance. When anything that damages or destroys the acidophilus in the intestine it will leads to Candida overgrowth. (Or) when the level of fungus becomes disturbed then overgrowth of candida (fungus) takes place.

Naturally 50% of healthy women contain yeast in the vaginal area.Yeast infections are very common. more than 60% of the women will have one yeast infection in their life time.

Yeast infections are the most common fungal infections that affect people of all age and gender. Yeast infections can occur in several places on the body through blood.

The most common area is “Skin” its targets mainly the “Moisture area” of skin. Yeast infection will develop around dentures, under the breast, vagina and lower abdomen, nail beds, and beneath skin foldings.

There are several situations in which the yeast may multiply. If the Yeast infections returned (re-occured) then it gives an indication for the chances of Dreadfull diseases such as diabetes, leukemia, or AIDS.

The antibiotic medicine may kill the bacteria but keeps yeast levels low.

Author: jammulanaresh

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