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How to get your gutters cleaned when you don’t like heights

Author: tiggymax  |  Category: Home Improvement
Published: November 28, 2010

During the rain, when the water comes teeming off your roof slates and tiles and down into your gutters it will usually brings with it loose moss, mud and silt ect. and when this debris starts to build up in your gutter system it can only be a matter of time before they begin to get cluttered and blocked.

Changes in the seasons can also influence how long it will take before your gutter system can become blocked with environmental clutter. In spring seeds and decaying twigs can come loose from near by trees and can find there way in your gutter system. With silt and mud being deposited from you roof and seedlings from trees, you now have all the ingredients for a small forest to develop high up in your gutters system.

Once a gutter becoming blocked water from your roof will sooner or latter overflow, as water descend down the outside of your home it will slowly permeates through your external walls and create damp patches inside of you home destroying the inside paintwork and plaster work. Home heating when turned on then causes the damp to condensate and create moisture which when combined with the heat from your home heating will create an ideal condition for mildew and toxic fungi to grow.

Clearly, the easiest way to preventing your gutters from overflowing is to clean them.

But if you don’t like going up and down ladders, then a search through you local Yellow pages will find a local gutter cleaning company. All professional commercial gutter cleaning companies will have trained and experienced staff and all the vital tools and requied equipment such as: ladders that extend to the necessary heights, safety ropes and the correct harness to get suitable access to all areas required, around your property.

Professional gutter cleaning companies will also have the correct, adequate public health and liability insurance – which will give you “peace of mind” that there will be adequate financial protection in the event of any damaged that, may be caused by the company doing the cleaning of your gutters.

Another big advantage of hiring a professional commercial gutter cleaning company to do the cleaning for you is that many of these established companies don’t only restrict their cleaning services to household gutter cleaning but many of them also offer other additional domestic cleaning services such as cleaning patio, outside decking, driveway and Upvc cleaning ect.

Author: tiggymax

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