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Important Considerations for Travelers on Hilly Gateways

Author: Abhinav  |  Category: Vacations
Published: May 17, 2015

A vacation at a hill station always pampers your body & brain. And when you get to enjoy it at the beautiful destinations of Kashmir or Dev Bhumi ‘Utterakhand’, all your five senses shall be delighted. Rated among the most beautiful places in India, these places are easily accessible hilly getaways thronged by thousands of backpackers year-round. Hill stations in Both Kashmir and Utterakhand are charming, quaint and filled of natural gems to enchant with. Scenic panorama of Himalaya there acts as a lure to city-infested souls. Moreover, the inspiring spirituality such as of Chardham Yatra and Amarnath Yatra comes as great reprieve for stressed mind & soul.

When you happen to visit a hill station, there are several factors you need to take into account. Proper planning in advance goes a long way in making your experience stress-free and enjoyable. Packing right and light is of paramount importance, and so is the professional assistance from a reliable source. Here are some special considerations for those planning for a holiday in hills.

When you head on for a hill-side vacation, it is sure that you’ll have to walk or trek a lot. Even sightseeing at such places is done on feet, due to inadequate transportation system. So you better pack light and right to avoid that dreadful luggage to hold on your shoulders. However, it is also important that you carry everything very essential to take with. Some important things you must carry while going to a hilly getaway are:

•  Sport shoes or climbing shoes (for trekkers)
•  Right set of clothes; lose and comfortable most importantly
•  Field glasses and camera (with extra battery)
•  Medicines and first aid kit
•  Sunscreen, lotion and mosquito repellent

Just because it is hill station does not signify that the place will be extreme-chilly anytime. Weather at hill stations remains uncertain most often. You can see rain without monsoon or can find super scorching sun round the year. So you’ll be fine if you go there after a careful review of weather for next couple of days during your trip. Monsoon is often avoided to go both in Kashmir and Utterakhand, due to heavy rainfall or chances of land sling in these regions. Winter is perfect for sightseeing, while summer make ideal time for adventure sports. Special dates are fixed for the pilgrimages. So check them in advance!

Special Permit
Many of hill areas can only be accessed after a special entry permit. So if you want to go beyond usual, this is imperative to collect that entry permission in advance. It is important that you have a valid ID proof and required age and qualification to obtain that permit.

Necessary Travel Assistance
In case you visit a hill station first time, travel assistance from a reliable agency may come in very handy. Check out the special packages for the place you’re heading to. Kashmir packages, for instance, are easily accessible on net! Similarly, booking of Amarnath Yatra Tour packages or Rishikesh package has got just easier due to online booking facility. Hungry Bags is a reliable travel agency to book your amarnath yatra package or any package for a hill station in Kashmir and Utterakhand. Special packages for chardham yatra are also available on sale at the company website.

Author: Abhinav

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