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IT Computer Training: Key To A Good Career

Author: mark b  |  Category: Computers
Published: September 27, 2009

In the recent economic turmoil there are many people in the world who are finding it hard to make a career. But this is not only because of the economic crisis but because of the lack of proper training and knowledge. But there is no need to feel depressed as there are so many new career training courses that are available to make one’s work ambitions fulfilling. With the growth of Internet Information technology has become one of the important career scopes. Getting a job in the IT sector is tough and there is a lot of workload to cope with. But if you happen to land up with a job with a high pay range then you can build a great future ahead for you.  To get an idea about the IT world and its nitty-gritty’s it is important to opt for IT training. Getting an IT certification will give you an added advantage to make it through the job interviews with ease.

The growing need in the IT world creates several openings each year as there are hardly enough people with the thorough skills found in the job market to fill up the voids. So how can you equip yourself to get the It jobs? Of course by taking up the IT training! The periphery of IT training is large starting from basic computer operations such as switching a computer on and off to high ends programs such as A+, Oracle, PMP, etc.

A person having an IT certification has to learn various types of programs and languages such as A+, Cisco, CCNA, CCNP, Microsoft, MCSE, MCTS and MCITP. Other examples include Server 2008, Microsoft.NET, Oracle, EC Council, CEH, CHFI, MCAS, Exchange Server, SQL Server etc. Here’s a lowdown on some of the certifications that are currently in-demand in the IT circuit:

Cisco – The software developed by Cisco Systems Inc. There is a variety of IT support software created by the company and these range from VOIP, IP Routing, etc.

CCNA – It is one of the leading IT certification courses that improve the skills of the professionals in the home and small office networking segments. It encompasses installation and support of 100 nodes or fewer for a LAN/WAN environment.

CCNP – This is a certification awarded by Cisco Systems and is awarded for having achieved competency in installing, configuring and operating LAN, WAN and dial access services in medium and large networks. It also includes the use of protocols such as IP, IGRP, EIGRP, IS-IS, BGP, IP RIP, etc.

MCSE – It is an IT certification provided by the Microsoft Inc. to an engineer having thorough knowledge on the networking concepts and operation systems.

Microsoft.NET – It is a software framework that can be installed on all the computers running on Microsoft systems. The software includes a large library of coded solutions for common programming problems.

There is a variety of IT training institutes open for interested professionals, which have different sets of training facilities for hardware, software, networking and web development. So it is desired of you to understand your potential, judge the scope and then choose the right course for yourself.


The author is an IT Technical Writer for CompTIA, Cisco and Microsoft Training and has years of experience to back him up. He has thorough expertise in all types of training -from hardware, software to networking.

Author: mark b

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