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Jabbrz, how it works

Author: tugsearch  |  Category: VOIP
Published: August 17, 2008

Jabbrz is a really simple service to use. There are just a few steps you need to go through to set up the service the first time…

Accessing the internet on your mobile phone

If your mobile is less than two years old it’s highly likely that you can access the internet from it.

If you’re not sure whether you’re set up for internet access, have a look on your phone’s menu. You’ll probably see an icon like a globe or maybe a link to your service provider’s internet portal page. You can also try accessing a website like Google, to check that you have a connection.

Can’t access the internet but your phone looks like it has the capability to? You may recognise one of the icons below. Alternatively your mobile may have an icon specific to your network provider which enables you to connect to their portal or website as a starting point to connecting to the internet.

You may need to enable your phone for internet use. This is pretty straightforward to do on either Pay As You Go or monthly contract services.

Register and download Skype for free

Not already a Skype user? Don’t worry its both free and easy to get set up!

If you’re already a Skype user you’ll know about the benefits of the service and how you can call all your friends or family that are also on skype for free.

Well, with jabbrz you can now do this on your mobile. What’s more, you’ll be able to make international calls on your mobile with Skype’s SkypeOut rates – these are much, much lower than your mobile phone rates.

Just as if you were using Skype normally, you’ll need to have it running on your PC.

You may need to enable your phone for internet use. This is pretty straightforward to do on either Pay As You Go or monthly contract services.

Installing the jabbrz client

After the quick registration process (start at ‘get jabbrz now’) you need to install the jabbrz client to your pc.

There are instructions on how to do this available on the install page but after installing and running the client on your PC you will need to allow your Skype account to use jabbrz – by clicking a link that appears in your Skype console.

• Install the jabbrz client by following the on screen instructions.
• Make sure Skype is running on your computer while installing jabbrz.
• Run the jabbrz client by entering the username and password that you chose during website registration. Launch Skype to continue.
• Allow jabbrz.exe to use Skype by clicking on accept.
• A new event should appear, click on jabbrz.exe to accept event.
• Then select “Allow the program to use Skype” from the options available and click on ok.

Using jabbrz on your mobile phone

With jabbrz and Skype running on your PC, go to www.jabbrz.mobi on your mobile. Remember with jabbrz there is nothing to download to your phone, so it works on any phone, on any network, as long as it has an internet connection.

You have to use your username and password the first time you visit the site but after that you just get taken to a page to start calling your Skype or normal contacts!

About Jabbrz

jabbrz offers consumers a unique new way to make low cost international calls from a mobile phone. Our beta service uses Skype, allowing users to access Skype on any mobile phone, on any network, providing it is connected to the internet.

Unlike other services, jabbrz doesn’t require anything to be downloaded to a mobile phone. The only requirement is that a user is able to connect to the internet on it. A call is also made by calling a regular local number (not a premium or special rate number) – most likely included in an inclusive minutes package. As well as allowing the user to make cheap calls from their mobile phone, this method ensures call quality is high, just like a regular local call – mobile VoIP providers can’t say the same!

User benefits provided by jabbrz:

• cheap rates for making international calls
• Skype users can call other Skype users for free on their mobile phone
• nothing to download to the phone – so works on any handset
• great call quality – user connects as they would do for a regular, local call

Give jabbrz a go yourself and get Cheap International Calls.

Author: tugsearch

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