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Jamaica’s cultural diversity and stunning scenery lures travellers

Author: dcollins  |  Category: Destinations
Published: June 20, 2008

Described as the perfect travel location, Jamaica is an island paradise, offering the traveller a vibrant mixture of laidback culture and stunning natural scenery. Located in the West Indies, it is the third largest island in the Caribbean, spanning 4,400 square miles, with Cuba lying to its south and Haiti to its west.

The Spanish were Jamaica’s first known settlers, until the British conquered it in 1655. For many years, its economy depended on the sugar plantations; the introduction of bananas, however, helped to alleviate that reliance.

In the early 1930s, a new religious movement emerged – Rastafarianism – which served to shape the nation’s identity and culture, and is reflected in its art and music today. Very much renowned for its musical influences, the genres of reggae, ska, dub and ragga, among others, originated in Jamaica. Internationally known reggae artist, Bob Marley was born there, as were many other significant musicians.

The island is also recognised for its unique tropical beauty, fiery local cuisine and surrounding clear blue waters, which serve to attract over one million visitors annually. Indeed, in recent years, Jamaica has been ranked within the top five of the world’s most favoured travel destinations.

Most of the island’s major towns and cities are dotted along its coastline, with the famous Blue Mountains situated further inland. Not only can you go hiking through its forested areas, but the mountains also house Jamaica’s well-known coffee plantations.

Kingston – the capital city and Jamaica’s cultural centre – is located on the south eastern coast of the island and faces a natural harbour. Comprised of the central area, Downtown, and New Kingston, the city is a historical metropolis of 17th century architecture and lively Jamaican culture.

Attractions include the Hellshire beach, well known for its fried fish, the ruins of Port Royal, and Devon House – a mansion with an adjacent park, once belonging to Jamaica’s first black millionaire. Kingston also plays host to several annual festivals. The Bob Marley Museum (Mr Marley’s old recording studio) is one of the city’s top attractions, as is the National Art Gallery and the Royal Botanical Gardens.

For those looking to indulge in a little adventure, Jamaica offers a plethora of activities, ranging from river rafts down the Rio Grande, to golfing holidays at the championship golf course in Montego Bay and diving trips off of one of its many reefs.

Of particular beauty is Jamaica’s Long Bay Beach in Negrill. Located in the west, it stretches for seven miles and is set against a stunning Caribbean backdrop of white sand, swaying palm trees and azure seas.

Because of its intense charm and breathtaking beauty, holidays in Jamaica are a popular option. The island has a long history built upon a diverse and vibrant culture, and this has given rise to a proud nation; placed as one of the top global destinations to travel to in the world.

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Author: dcollins

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