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Julie Jacko: Efficient Care with Healthcare Informatics

Author: jackauthors01  |  Category: Homeschooling
Published: May 12, 2015

Health Informatics, formerly known as medical informatics is becoming increasingly important in all aspects of healthcare delivery. Health Informatics combines computer science and information science with healthcare to develop the next generation of health care technologies. This convergence of patient data, expertise of health professionals, and computer science applications, has made possible the delivery of higher quality patient care through easy availability of information and better management.

Julie Jacko is a highly respected figure in the field of human-computer interaction. She has a PhD in Industrial Systems & Designs from the University of Purdue. Julie Jacko is the Principal Investigator and Director of the University Partnership for Health Informatics (UP-HI). Dr. Julie Jacko’s knowledge is based on design, execution and evaluation of active programs involving human-device interaction. Julie Jacko aims to advance life sciences, public health and patient care.

Julie Jacko believes that everyone in the healthcare system be trained on the health informatics be it on how they are used or on how the features on the IT equipment are applicable. The health informatics covers areas in how to acquire, store, retrieve, and use of information in the healthcare. The whole learning process may require experience, and practical knowledge says Julie Jacko.

Julie Jacko reveals that healthcare informatics have many advantages. Through the use of computers and technology, doctors are able to treat patients more efficiently. Julie Jacko believes that the use of health informatics has opened new possibilities for a clinic of any size to be able to treat its patients in a streamlined and effective manner. Health informatics has opened new horizons for the healthcare field and provides a better chance for better treatment says Julie Jacko.

Julie Jacko claims that Health informatics creates strong medical expertise which in turn strengthens the relationship which the patients have with the health practitioners. Julie A. Jacko was one of the only 20 recipients to receive National Science Foundation Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. It is the highest honor awarded young investigators by the United States government. Julie Jacko is internationally recognized for her contributions to applications and theory development related to human aspects of personal, mobile, and networked computing.

Author: jackauthors01

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