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Keep garden toys safe from thieves this summer

Author: dcollins  |  Category: Home Security
Published: June 20, 2008

Over a third of toys and garden equipment stolen in 2007 were taken from gardens and yards. Toys and equipment left unattended in gardens can be attractive to thieves, and moveable garden toys such as children’s bikes, wendy houses, paddling pools, swings, slides and trampolines are often targeted.

These are expensive items and it can be a struggle to purchase replacements. Parents must protect themselves from theft by securing their gardens, locking away moveable toys and insuring garden play items to cover the financial costs of theft.

With summer approaching garden theft is on the increase, so it is important to stop prowlers and burglars from accessing your garden. Key areas to focus security measures include garden sheds, walls and fences, gates, and outdoor items.

Any weak or thin timber garden sheds can be strengthened with strong timber or steel. Windows can be protected by shutters, perspex sheets or wired glass. Heavy wire mesh can be a cost effective alternative to new glass panels. Shed doors can be made more secure with good quality padlocks, and security professionals also recommend that any external hinges are protected with coach bolts and non-return screws.

Garden plants can also be used to help secure your garden shed. Some of the more hostile plants, such as holly bushes, or plants with thorns can be planted below windows and around drainpipes as an added preventative to potential burglars.

Old or weak walls should be renewed and good quality fencing should be supported by concrete posts or metal fixings. Gates can be fitted with tough interior locks and hinge caps which will prevent hinges from being removed. If it is not possible to add locks then a standard padlock and chain can be used to secure access areas.

All outdoor items, including garden toys, should be secured and anchored in a lockable shed. It is also good practice to create anchor points for items that cannot be moved indoors such as playhouses and large trampolines. Large toys can be chained together overnight.

With larger gardens containing expensive items it may be worth considering the installation of a CCTV system to deter potential burglars. Those with smaller gardens or smaller budgets can install motion-activated security lighting and prominent signs warning of dogs, CCTV or an active neighbourhood watch.

Gravel paths and drives can also help ensure that you and your neighbours are aware of prowlers around the house and gardens.

By securing your garden you can significantly reduce or even prevent these thefts occurring. However, should you be the unfortunate victim of a garden theft, garden toys marked with your postcode can help ensure any recovered items are returned to you by the police and can link the thief to their crime. By cataloguing your garden toys and possessions you can easily let police know which items are missing.

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Author: dcollins

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