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Losing weight with the water way

Author: tiggymax  |  Category: Weight Loss
Published: October 30, 2010

If you are trying to lose weight then you may need all the help you can get? If so, have you ever heard how water can help you lose a few extra pounds? Many experts believe that water can, so let’s take a closer look at this “water weight loss theory” to see if it really has any benefit.

Losing weight is all about consuming fewer calories than your body can burn in a day. This sounds practical enough, don’t you think? So what part does water play in getting rid of unwanted weight?

Well! For a start, water is a negative calorie liquid – so you can drink as much as you like and it is impossible to gain weight. But it is also important that you realize it is possible to consume more water than is good for you, should you suffer from the unfortunate problems of a water retention .So it is best to check with your doctor before you do any heavy drinking of water as part of a weight loss diet.

But in contrast to any other drink, it is not usually necessary to think twice before drinking large amounts of water. On the contrary, drinking large amounts of fresh water should become a regular part of your daily diet because apart from anything else it will assists in increasing an overall healthier lifestyle.

Pure fresh water can detoxify your internal organs such: as your liver and kidneys and is simply the best liquid you can possible drink on a regular basis. If you are drinking water to lose some excess fat, then you should totally eliminate any sugar-based soft drinks such as fruit cordials, sodas and other carbonated liquids from your daily diet.

Many people claim that the taste of plain water is unpalatable. But it is likely that these people who find plain water unpleasant have only tried their local tap water and have never experienced the taste of good quality spring water

The taste of spring water an also vary according to the brand, so it is always wise to check out several different types until you find one that you like. In nearly all cases pure spring water is considerably cleaner than the average tap waters and doesn’t contain any added chemicals such as chlorine or fluoride. Some of the best high quality spring water can taste incredibly delicious.

So how can water help you shed weight? It is important to always bear in mind that regardless of how good the quality of water is , water is never a suitable replacement for quality food, but it is an ideal complement for any a healthy weight loss diet. So! Rather than drinking artificial fruit juice or soda drinks at dinner, why not try a glass or two of spring water instead. Some health advisors recommended that you should also start the day off with a glass of warm spring water as it is claimed to help get your brain functioning more quickly after sleeping.

Many nutritionist claims that water is a great remedy for a multitude of symptoms but is particularly vital for anyone on a quick weight loss diet like the 500 a day calorie diet etc. because it can help to speed up your metabolism (the rate your body burns calories)

So! If you are already on a diet and you are not seeing the results you wished for or you are thinking of starting a diet then the first thing you should do is look at how you can increase your water consumption

Author: tiggymax

I love to write about my passion for weight loss and health and fitness

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