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Police boots protect and serve law enforcement officers

Author: SAP64  |  Category: Product Reviews
Published: February 21, 2011

Police boots do protect and serve officers and help keep them safe on our streets.

Police boots are designed to be comfortable over long periods of time, officers are often on their feet for 12 hours at a time. If you are on your feet for that length of time, comfort is the most important feature of a police boot. It’s no exaggeration to say Police boots do protect officers, and not just in a safety footwear way. A robust, hardwearing police boot that offers supreme comfort will be worth its weight in gold. Ask any serving officer what the most important piece of kit is and a high percentage would say their boots.

Choosing Police boots can be tricky as what’s right for one person isn’t necessarily right for another. Some people like the additional ankle support offered by a 9″ boot but others may feel they restrict movement too much. Many people like a shoe rather than a boot and some prefer a more athletic shoe feel for their work, especially if they are on foot patrol. Pounding city streets on a daily basis will play havoc with feet, ankles, knees and even hips because of the constant high impact. There are lots if boots now that help reduce impact because they have shock absorption built in to the sole and foot bed.

A well made comfortable pair of Police boots can help alleviate foot fatigue and minimize the shock and punishment a police officer has to put their feet through. Finding the right Police boots can be a long process because there are so many things to consider. You need to look at your feet first; do you have specific problem areas? Slightly fallen arches or very wide feet, what about your heels and the balls of your feet? Do you have extra pressure there?

When selecting Police boots you also need to consider any dress code guidance you have and stick with that. Is it Police boots you need or would a lower rise shoe be better, do you want a waterproof police boot or steel toe Police boots or even both! As you can see, there are so many factors to consider. Budget may also come into your selection process, but I would suggest you up your budget as much as possible. Cheaper Police boots may be attractively priced but the cost in terms of comfort and durability could be high.

A good starting place for your quest for the perfect Police boots could be your colleagues. Which type of boot do they favour? Do they all recommend a particular brand? If your colleagues can give a recommendation for comfort and durability then it’s a good thing. Of course, just because a boot is ideal for one person it doesn’t mean its right for all, but it gives you a frame of reference to start from. What you will almost certainly find when you track down your ideal police boot is you will tend to stick with the same style and probably brand when you need to repurchase your Police boots. Your perfect pair of Police boots will give you a long lasting durability and comfort, protect and serve you whilst you protect and serve us.

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Author: SAP64

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