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Police shoes, protection and comfort for officers doing a tough job

Author: SAP64  |  Category: Home Security
Published: February 15, 2011

Ask any police officer what they need as an absolute minimum from their police shoes and they will say comfort.

When you do a tough job and long shifts one of the things you have to have is comfort in what you wear. If the job you do is law enforcement then comfort is even more important. police shoes are arguably the most crucial bit of kit they have. A long shift pounding pavements, chasing suspects or even directing traffic impacts directly on officer’s feet. Fatigued, uncomfortable and excessively hot feet can mean only one thing; you are wearing the wrong police shoes.

To a police officer the right police shoes are probably worth more than anything else is. If they do have the fatigued, sore and hot feet mentioned they would not be concentrating on their job 100%. Lack of concentration is not something an officer can afford to have so the right police shoes are vital. One great thing about the range of police shoes today is not only the well-known brands but also the excellent quality. Rockport, 5.11 tactical, Magnum and Wellco all make police shoes so you can choose a name you trust. Quality and durability has to be built into any police shoes you buy.

When selecting your police shoes you are going to be looking at several things. First you will look at possibly the brand name, if you have had a brand before and they served you well then you are likely to go back to them. Another thing you may go on is word of mouth, if colleagues have police shoes that they highly recommend then you may go for the same. Of course price will come into play, but you really will be surprised at some of the low prices out there especially online. I would certainly advise you actually pay as much as you can in the respect of police shoes, as it will be worth it.

The style of your police shoes is important as well and there are plenty to choose from. Not only police officers may wear these shoes, postal workers, delivery drivers and even street cleaners could benefit from a pair of police shoes. If you do walk in your job then comfort is as important to you as it is a police officer. A word of warning would be don’t be tempted by very low prices, as you will get what you paid for which will probably be extreme discomfort! If you value your foot comfort then you would do well to see your purchase of police shoes as an investment.

It doesn’t matter what particular brand you settle on out of the big names for your police shoes as you will get value for money and comfort. A low rise, padded, cushioned, lined and good looking police shoe would be something that would appeal to just about anyone. Whatever walk of life you are in or what you want police shoes for then there will be the ideal pair of police shoes. Of course if you are actually a police officer then police shoes is likely to be top of your list of must haves. Protection, all over comfort and good looks are all achievable with the right police shoes

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Author: SAP64

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