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Sex Toys for Men

Author: mark b  |  Category: Adult
Published: April 3, 2010

Men are simple beings. They have clear and distinct preferences and choices. Sex toys for them are the means to relieve themselves, pleasure themselves. A lot of these innovations are aimed for the same. Some of the sex toys for men, though, are aimed to enhance confidence and comfort of the men.

The most common of the sex toys for men are the male masturbators. They come in a range of shapes and sizes. Basically, they are tubular in structure and made of silicone or latex aping the vagina of a woman. They are designed to give the user the feel and friction he would have felt during sexual intercourse. The male masturbators, in general, are safe and easy to use. These come in alluring set ups so as to enable the user to fantasize of popular porn stars and models. Another fetish sex toy like variant of the same is a model encompassing both anal and vaginal intercourse options.

Cock rings and penis extensions are sex toys for men aiming to bestow confidence. While the penis extenders are made of silicone or rubber to keep the feel of the penis alive for women, the cock ring is known to be made of various materials, silicone being the most popular and metal variants are also found. These sex toys have been made more alluring by the addition of vibration feature as well as clitoris and anal stimulators. Care should be taken as continued use or tight versions of these can result in rupture of blood vessels in the penis.

Another popular set of sex toys for men are the penis pumps. These pumps are believed to be able to augment penile size and performance. The penis is inserted into the tube or shaft of the penis pump and a vacuum is created aiming to help it expand as the vacuum is created. These may not be backed by huge scientific credentials but have the positive feedback of many men. While using sex toys such as these care should be taken so that the level of vacuum doesn’t go too high which may result in the rupture of penile blood vessels.

Fetish sex toys are available for men who might be on the move, or don’t have enough time to go for dating or are away from their partner. These sex toys are better referred to as blow-up dolls. These are dolls, blown up by air, their texture resembling a human girl, her vagina and anus, g\for the sexual pleasure of the man. These dolls may have vibrating features for further sexual stimulation. Also, to set the mood for these fetishes and sex toys, corresponding leather and latex clothing, role play clothing come pretty handy. Some of these costumes are edible as well. Like the candy waist band and tux up for men, possibly to be worn by a groom-to-be for his bachelor party or simply for a guy to sweeten his sex-life with his partner.

For men with alternative sexual preferences and orientations sex toys like quiet vibrators, prostate massagers also are a very real option. All in all, as the wise say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy… so pick up your toy; it’s playtime!

Author: mark b

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