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Should You Have Your Wool and Silk Area Rugs Factory Cleaned? What Are the Benefits?

Author: articlenic  |  Category: Business
Published: July 24, 2011

For those who own wool and silk area rugs, the arguments for and against having their carpets and rugs factory cleaned or washed in their house entails numerous factors, ones which occasionally make the latter seem like the best option. Yet, unlike well-liked opinion, factory carpet cleaning service has several advantages over in home cleaning, which range from greater convenience to what matters most: higher expertise cleaning good wool and silk rugs. Below, we list the benefits of having your rugs factory washed as opposed to being cleaned in the home.

1. Removing Dirt Better

Steam cleaning doesn’t eliminate grime and grit from your area rugs deepest materials, and rental cleaners only take them off from the surface. To get rid of deep grime as well as grit that can harm materials and make a breeding ground with regard to dust mites, the thorough, flowing washing procedure for conventional carpet rinsing is essential.

2. Removal of Cleaning Soap Residue

The more soap residue your rug has, the more grime it attracts, a scenario which rental cleaners and in house steamer services encourage, not solve. To correctly eliminate soap following the cleaning process, an area rug should be flooded with water, not have minimum levels of water applied by dispersal and suction equipment.

3. The Fringes Actually Get Clean, Finally

Rental units as well as steaming businesses don’t have a reliable method for the cleansing of fringes, addressing them with the same procedures as well as gear they use on the rug’s body. But the factory method exposes edges to a special cleansing as well as drying out procedure that makes them as thoroughly clean as the remainder of your rug, leaving them un-damaged by gear that utilizes brushes and/or suction action.

4. Much Better Drying Procedure

Next to grime elimination, the most important part of rug cleansing is ensuring that area rugs dry rapidly and without being subjected to high heat or rough tumbling systems. Factory cleaning achieves this by hanging carpets in unique dryers that give off a steady stream of heated air. Conversely, home based cleansing simply leaves carpets damp, predisposing them to dry rot as well as mildewing which can compromise longevity and appearance.

5. More Convenient

People frequently think home based cleansing is the easiest method. But consider it: could it be more convenient to have your carpet picked up and then returned in clean condition, or to do one of the following: rent a machine that you carry home and then back to the shop, or have a company walk through your house dragging hosing gear attached to a compressor inside a company automobile? The solution appears apparent.

6. Specific Expertise

If you have a special carpeting, trusting it to specialists that carry out the processes it needs is better than hoping in home techniques, that are designed for general cleaning, will not harm your rug’s look as well as longevity.

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Author: articlenic

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