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Some of the Important Tips for Winter Cleaning

Author: jnewmaid1  |  Category: Home Improvement
Published: May 25, 2015

Winter cleanings are imperative to the proper maintenance of your home’s appearance. This is the time of year when housekeeping services find a heavier accumulation of dust. Most NJ maids can tell you this is due to the home being closed up tight to prevent the chill from entering. This lack of ventilation creates an atmosphere where dust gathers more deeply behind and beneath furniture. Calling a reputable house cleaning service to give your home a proper winter cleaning can prevent overexposure to dust and allergens. When the heaters are running more, the oven is baking more and visitors are in and out for the holidays, it is only to be expected that one would see the need for the best NJ maid service to come in and give the home a good winter cleaning.

When you call a NJ maids service to have your home cleaned for the winter, you should expect your home to be completely re-freshened for the season. Most maids begin by removing the cobwebs from each room. The normal procedure is to use a dust brush on an extended pole. The NJ maids will begin in one corner of the room, cleaning dust and cobwebs from the crown molding all the way around the room. Housekeeping services will use the duster going down each corner and behind and beneath furniture. The duster is also used over the tops of doorframes, behind doors, the tops of windows, behind draperies and along windowsills. Every light fixture in the home should also be dusted preferably with a soft cloth to remove any dust or cobwebs that have gathered. This procedure should be completed in a room-by-room fashion until the entire home has been cleared of cobwebs and dust that lie beneath the furniture. A good house cleaning service will also check behind your washer and dryer for a buildup of dust and lint.

Once the dusting is complete the maids will begin cleaning the rest of the home. Each bathroom should be scrubbed down very well. The showers and bathtubs should be scoured and rinsed to remove any cleaning product that is left behind. The sink should also be scoured and rinsed. The commode should be cleaned from top to bottom with a bacteria killing cleansing product. The house cleaning service normally provides these products because they know which ones are safe to use in your home and on your surfaces. The back and the bottom of the commode where the base sits on the floor should be sanitized very well. The floor behind the commode should be hand washed. The counter tops should be polished with the proper products. All mirrors should be cleaned and all woodwork should be polished clean.

NJ maids will assure your satisfaction with the bathroom cleaning by polishing all of the chrome to make it shine. In each bedroom the NJ maid service will change the linens and make all beds accordingly. All furniture will be polished from top to bottom. Your living room will be more livable when your house cleaning service leaves because they will vacuum under all of the cushions on your sofas and chairs. They will polish all of your furniture completely. In the kitchen you will be pleased by the NJ maid service as they clean your refrigerator inside and out. They will clean your stove including the oven. The microwave will also be cleaned. All counter tops will be scrubbed clean and all cabinets will be polished. The kitchen sink will be scoured and all chrome will be left polished and shining to bring the winter cleaning almost to completion.

The final step in completing the winter cleaning of your home will be carried out when the NJ maids start working on the floors. Reputable housekeeping services begin the floors at the back of the home. They will first vacuum or sweep. The house cleaning service will wipe down all of the baseboards in the home as they work their way throughout each room. In rooms where there is no carpet the floor cleaning process will begin. NJ maid services use a variety of floor cleaning methods from sponge mops to steam mops based on the type of flooring you have in your home. You can rest assured the proper method and cleaning products will be used to clean your floors safely. Calling a NJ maid service to clean your home will be one of the best decisions you can make for your home.

Author: jnewmaid1

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