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Stages and Development of Cancer

Author: allenmartin  |  Category: Disease & Illness
Published: January 23, 2013

The abnormality that results in the development of cancer is due to the uncontrollable growth of cells in different parts of the body. These cells combine to form a tumor, which can be cancerous if not treated at the early stage and even lead to death. Therefore, this disease is regarded as devastating as well as deadly. Cancer may appear in any parts of the body, but the most common places of occurrence are brain, breast, liver, cervical, stomach, thyroid, and vagina. It is important that you should be aware about different facts about cancer, as it will help you to cure this disease in its initial stage.

Cancer Facts and Figures

  • It is the leading cause of death in various states of the USA
  • About 71% of the people suffering from cancer is caused due to smoking cigarette and chewing tobacco
  • One fifth of the cancer is caused due to infection and viruses such as HPV (human papillomavirus), hepatitis B virus (HBV), and so on
  • Most common cancer types found in men are lungs, stomach and prostate whereas in women, it is breast, vaginal and cervical.
  • About 77% of cancer is diagnosed among people at an age of 55 years or more
  • According to the latest statistics by the American Cancer Society, it was concludes that there has been 173,000 death due to consumption of tobacco
  • The project death due to cancer is 13.1 million till 2030
  • New Cases of Cancer in Different States in the Year 2012
    State - Number of Cases
    California - 165,810
    Florida - 117,580
    Illinois - 65,750
    Michigan - 57,790
    New York - 109,440

    Stages of Cancer

    There are 3 stages of cancer that are categorized below:

  • First Stage (Initial Tumor Growth): This is the initial stage in which a tiny growth of tumor is noticed through microscope. This tumor is localized within a specific area and depending upon the location of the tumor, the different range of symptoms are noticed in an individual such as unintentional weight loss, pain in the affected area, and fatigue. If this disease is detected in the first stage, then it can be treated with radiation therapy, chemotherapy and other therapies.
  • Second Stage (Growth of Other Tissues): In this stage, the cancerous cells develop and get spread to the other surrounding tissues, leading to the increase in the size of the tumor. The tumor is quite visible with the naked eyes as well. There are more symptoms that are observed by the patients in this stage and the percentage of getting cured lessens up.
  • Third Stage (Metastasis): This is the advance stage of cancer in which the cancerous cells may enter the bloodstream and get spread at a faster pace throughout the body parts. The sole treatment in this stage is surgery in which the tumor is removed. But it is not an easy procedure, as the patient has to bear immense pain and most of the cases lead to death.
  • The information provided above will surely help you to know about cancer and its stages along with some of the latest statistics of the year 2012. It is important that you should have the prior knowledge about the symptoms and causes of cancer so that preventive measures can be taken in order to cure this life-threatening disease.

    Author: allenmartin

    My name is Allen Martin. My vision and passion is to work for the cancer patients and help to cure them in an effective manner. I write on behalf of Etypesofcancer.com.

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