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Students: Dedicated Followers of Fashion

Author: aregan  |  Category: Clothing
Published: January 24, 2009

The decision on whether or not to enter full time further or higher education upon leaving school isn’t always an easy one to make.

For those who have a clear vision on what career path they would like to pursue, they simply have to find out what kind of qualification is needed and then find a suitable college or university that runs the relevant course. But this is unfortunately not true for everyone when they leave school, and many choose to enrol in a very general course to keep their options open when they eventually graduate.

Indeed, going to college or university, for many people at least, is as much about leaving home, meeting new people and experiencing a new way of life. But the financial implications of student life can often be a major stumbling block, especially for those whose parents are simply not in a position to fund what could be up to four years of full-time education.

Of course, it’s possible to cover the cost of tuition fees, books and basic living costs through a combination of student loans and part-time and summer jobs. But there won’t be much money left after these essentials to enjoy what should be the best years of a young person’s life, so watching every penny is crucial to surviving those financially uncertain student years.

But it can be difficult to do this, especially whilst trying to embrace the zeitgeist of youth culture. Indeed, buying own-brand, supermarket food products is one thing, but wearing anything less than the trendiest gear around campus is simply unthinkable for some, especially at a time when many young people are still at their most impressionable.

And this is a common financial obstacle that many students face; how to be young, cool and trendy whilst attempting to make the most of the very little money at their disposal.

It is perhaps a common stereotypical view of student life to scour the local charity and second hand shops for ‘nearly new’ clothes. But whilst this can sometimes prove beneficial in finding the occasional good bargain, it can also be a very time consuming process attempting to find something that’s both of decent quality and appealing for the specific style you wish to fashion.

However, whilst finding the time is often an issue for many students, it’s also important to remember that many top high street stores will offer student clothing deals and discounts when a valid matriculation card is presented at the checkout, which can ultimately save a lot of money over the duration of your time as a student.

So, whilst the basics such as tuition fees, books and food are crucial to surviving student life, most young people still feel the need to express their youth through their choice of fashion. And whilst money may be tight at times for many students, with a little frugalness it’s possible to be looking smart as well as acting smart.

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Author: aregan

Life has a habit of throwing the unexpected at us, and it can be difficult to cope financially with large one-off expenses that you didn’t see coming. So where can you cut down your cost of living and start saving?

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