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Take a walk through Kensington in London and you may stay there

Author: vcochrane  |  Category: Outdoors
Published: July 4, 2008

Whether it is a short or long break away, sightseeing of historical attractions or perhaps even just a general passing through point on your travels elsewhere, London provides a great opportunity to explore a diverse and interesting part of the UK. It is difficult to single out any particular area in London, as each has its own unique attractions. However, Kensington has been known to offer its fair share of activities.

The Kensington area does have an impressive list of attractions that are worth discovering; one of these being the location for the famous Royal College of London. A popular musical school for the young, gifted and talented, past students include British musical composer, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Situated directly opposite the college is the fascinating entertainment venue of the Royal Albert Hall, which hosts many musical shows and various productions on a weekly basis and has something to appeal to everyone. In particular, it has been known to act as a popular venue for the classical music lovers, and also ballet, opera, rock and pop music performances.

Take a further look around Kensington and you will discover it is home to three popular museums based in the city of London: the Science Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Natural History Museum. The Science museum will suit any individual who has an interest in space, science and biology to name but a few areas of the exhibitions on display. The Victoria and Albert museum displays exhibitions in decorative arts which originate from all over the world, whilst the Natural History Museum displays exhibitions on the discoveries of the natural world. These are three very different yet highly intriguing museums in their own right and cover enough interests to please all visitors to the area.

However, it doesn’t have to be all about museums and galleries when visiting Kensington. There is the option of relaxing in the beautiful Kensington Gardens, which has its own unique history and were originally purchased by William III in 1689. This would later provide the location on which Sir Christopher Wren would design the attractive Kensington Palace to be built on.

There are perhaps too many activities to mention when visiting London and the duration of your visit may come down to the amount of time you have available to achieve what you may set out to: you may find yourself staying longer than first planned!

Should there be a need to further explore what the city has to offer, finding accommodation in London hotels needn’t be very difficult either and allows for more time to visit various attractions. Also, not least forgetting allowing time to visit the shops!

With many restaurants, pubs and entertainment to choose from as well as a vast array of hotels in London, there are no limits to how much you can treat yourself. There are opportunities for many great experiences – should it be a holiday, theatre or romantic break, and perhaps a little bit of retail therapy. Either way, London provides an enjoyable visit for all.

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Author: vcochrane

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