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Tart Warmers

Author: mark b  |  Category: Home & Family
Published: January 24, 2009

Tart warmers are one of the best ways to fill a room with fragrance. A tart warmer melts a small piece of fragranced wax called a wax tart or fragrance melts at a low temperature. The pool of melting wax distributes fragrance throughout the room. In most cases a tart warmer will put out more fragrance than a candle. Tart warmers come in three different types: Tea Light warmers which use a burning tea light candle for heat, Electric plate tart warmers which use an electric plate like a coffee warmer for melting. Finally light or pot tarts warmer these warmers use a light bulb for heat usually a 25 watt bulb. The electric warmers provide fragrance without a flame.

The tea light tart warmer normally provides the best value in tart warmers. They come in various shapes to match any d?cor. Some of the advantages of tea light tart warmers are their ease of use and ability to be used without a cord or source of electricity. The disadvantage of a tea light warmer is that they use tea light candles to provide the heat. The tea light candle must constantly be changed and the warmer still uses a flame which limits its use.

Electric plate type tart warmers are a very popular type of warmer. The plate tart warmer uses an electric plate similar to the plate used on electric coffee warmers. The plate on these warmers are especially designed to provide the correct amount of heat to melt a wax tart Most of these style tart warmers use a separate bowl on top of the warmer to melt the wax tart in. The separate bowl makes the process of changing the wax much simpler. Again, electric plate tart warmers come in many styles to match any d?cor. They are very durable and with proper use provide years of use.

Electric pot tart warmers sometimes referred to as simmer pots use a light bulb to provide the heat to melt the wax. These warmers are normally larger in size than the plate warmers. Most also come with a separate bowl to make changing the wax simpler. The light type tart warmers normally have holes placed in the warmer to allow the light to shine through the warmer. This provides a nice lighting effect when the warmer is in use. Most electric light tart warmers use a 25 watt bulb to provide the heat to melt the wax. The size of the bulb in some warmers can be increased to 40 watts, we normally recommend against this with our wax tarts from Essential Pleasures we find that ours melt perfectly with a 25 watt bulb.

Electric plug-in tart warmers are a wonderful way to provide fragrance in a bath or kitchen area where the outlet is at cabinet height. These warmers plug directly into an electrical outlet have a small bowl and use a 15 watt bulb to melt the wax. They come in many decorative colors and add just the right amount of fragrance and also act as a small convenience light.

You should never leave tart warmer un-attended or any where small children or pets may come in contact with the hot wax.

The author Felecia Cortes is the owner of Essential Pleasures LLC. A provider of high quality handmade wax tarts, tart warmers, fragrance melts reed diffusers and candles. Essential Pleasures has been in business for over five years with a large repeat customer base. Felecia has extensive experience and knowledge in the area of fragrance and wax tarts. She has produced high quality handmade candles and wax tarts for many years. More information visit-http://www.essential-pleasures.com

Author: mark b

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