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The Advantages of Network Marketing

Author: matt5409  |  Category: Networking
Published: December 6, 2010

If you want to increase your business turnover, profit and even your number of friends, then you need to consider business networking!

Business networking events are structured and objective events that operate all over the world. Their purpose is to connect business people to help each other out, either directly or via referral business. In this article we look at just how business networking can be beneficial to both you and your business.

Get more business

The common goal that all business people have is to extend their customer base, and there really is no better way of doing this than through networking. It is true to say that networking is not for all business models; consumer businesses are least likely to benefit, but anybody who operates business to business (or B2B) can and will see some measureable benefits to networking.

Every event you, every person you meet, is like planting a seed. You will need to ensure that you follow up these encounters either through email or telephone. Ideally arranging to meet in the future is a great way to keep in touch and pass on business referrals where possible.
Getting business from networking is tougher if you make no effort to pass referrals onto anybody you meet. For example, if you meet somebody who provides a particular service, keep them in mind. If you find somebody in the future who could benefit from this service, pass on their details. Creating work opportunities for others is the best way to get work passed onto you.

Meet new friends

Business and pleasure can overlap, especially if you attend peer networking events where many others are in the same industry as you. Quite often at these events are more sociable because they are less formal and the delegates are not there to sell their services. They are generally get gatherings for like-minded people purely for social reasons.

Get out of the office

It’s true to say that networking is working, and often the events occur in the afternoon. This is a great excuse to get out of the office for a couple of hours and mingle with like-minded people. Obviously you should not consider this time off, but sometimes it can make a great excuse to get out and about without feeling guilty.

Extend your network

This sort of ties in both points 1 and 2; by networking you will get to know more people. After a few months of hard networking you will notice you bump into familiar people more often, either at other events or even in the street! Business networking carries many advantages and it should be considered an ongoing part of your business to be successful.

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Author: matt5409

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