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The Extended practical Driving Test

Author: philcope  |  Category: Cars
Published: October 2, 2010

If you have been disquailified from driving you may be ordered to return to being a learner driver, and take an extended practical driving test. The extended driving test is longer and more demanding than the standard L test.

To regain your full driving licence at the end of your disqualification, you’ll need to Apply for a provisional driving licence and drive under learner driver regulations. Pass a theory test for the category of vehicle in which you intend to take an extended practical driving test Pass the extended practical driving test.

The practical test lasts for about 70 minutes and covers a wide variety of roads, usually including national speed limit single & dual carriageways. You will be asked to carry out the emergency stop excercise as well as two reversing manouveres. You are allowed to make up to 15 driver errors-the same as the standard driving test. The driving examiner will not expect you to drive like a learner driver, due to you having more driving experience.

The main things to watch out for during your extended driving test are, not exceeding speed limits & not approaching hazards too quickly. You do not need to worry about crossing your hands when steering-this is fine as long as you steer safely.

It is adviseable to prepare by taking suitable driving tuition from an approved driving instructor (ADI). If you decide to also get some private practice with a friend or relative, then remember that they must be over 21 & had a full driving licence for a least 3 years. Also you must display L plates on the front and rear of the car and you are not allowed to drive on the motorway.

Extended driving test fees are higher than the standard driving test, so you will need to state this when booking your extended test.

Phil Cope Driving School offers driving lessons in Preston for the L test as well as the extended driving test.

Author: philcope

Driving instructor in Preston. 19 years experience with over 500 test passes. I also run an Internet marketing business.

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