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The Many Advantages Of Avaya

Author: mark b  |  Category: Communications
Published: February 8, 2009

When you own a small to medium size business these days you are more than likely amongst the many so called “worried” owners. Times are hard, and any way to save money is something to really look at closely. But which costs can you cut back on? If you really think about it, you will find that there is not a whole lot left to squeeze back on. Well have you ever thought about your business phones? As strange as it might sound this is a much forgotten way of saving big bucks. Many business owners don’t even think about their phone infrastructure. So let’s take some time and learn about a new way of saving big money.

Many companies have a normal phone system, which is something that no one ever thought of as a big saving post. This is usually because the phone lines were there when you moved in, and you have a great calling plan that allows you to do your work. But what if someone would show you that there is a different way? Yes I am talking about Avaya. This great office phone provider is the new way of company ip phone re-structuring. No more need for an onsite tech that takes care of your phone system. No more need for secretarial backup when it comes to messages. This new way of business calling comes with its own voicemail, and can be rerouted straight to your email, eliminating the time and cost consuming telephone backup office.

But what about the tech that makes sure your phones keep working? This is also something that can be eliminated making your business so much more cost efficient. Telecommunications has never been more easy, and cost effective. Avaya’s office phone over ip has the option to run from as small as 2 phones to 360 phones, and extensions, making this the one and only real solution for the many different needs in today’s office world.

We have spent many years on perfecting our technology to be able to provide you with the best ip phone solutions you will find on the market today. Our email, voice mail, or normal voicemail back-up is unrivaled and seen as the next generation of office telecommunications. What’s more, voicemail comes in many different languages and is predetermined by caller id.

This helps to ensure that your costumer can rest easy simply because hearing his or her own language. And not only will this will up your costumer appreciation in a huge way, but will save you time as well. So why not save money and make your life a lot easier, and become more appreciated by your costumer base? This is what Avaya has to offer, and this is the best way to ensure lower office costs. So the next time you answer your phones will it be with a new plan and infrastructure, or will you still spend tons of money every month on old and outdated technologies? The choice is yours.


Jason is an Avaya certified technician and have worked for several different phone system companies over the years. He has been installing Avaya phones for the last 10 years because they are the best and most reliable. More information visit – www.avatel.us

Author: mark b

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