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The One Item A Person Wouldn’t Ever Journey Without

Author: mark b  |  Category: Crafts
Published: April 5, 2010

The first thought that might come to mind is that a mug is not essential enough to even be considered when going on a vacation. However, it can be very useful especially if you get a retractable one.

This special type of mug can change its’ shape. It needs to be pulled out in order to hold the liquid, and then it fits snugly back in place after it has been washed and is not being used. It’s original form is likened unto a circular disc, and it fits in your hand. The material this light mug is made of is hard plastic.

The truth is that if you wanted a perfect vacation mug it would have to posses a number of these features. The first feature is that it must be a retractable contraption. This is an awesome feature because it can practically be stuffed into any corner without much effort. The lighter the mug means that it is better for the vacation conditions.This will eliminate any weight issues if you want to pack it in your bags. It also would be nice to have something representative of the state in which you live written on it.

Now it is true that there are other mugs that aren’t so friendly to vacationing prospects, but they will serve the purpose of containing your beverage. Plastic mugs are practical because it is less likely to break.

In addition to this the plastic mugs are lighter than the clay or glass ones. This means that they won’t add unnecessary weight to the luggage.

The sure thing to do for a conversation starter is to have this special marking that tells where you are traveling from. This will give the rise to the fact that you are a tourist. It will also show that the mug is a special one.

When you are using this special mug there must be something different about it. It is what will point you our as the tourist whether you want to be known as one or not. The fact is that you have already been singled out as the tourist anyway.

Consider it in this light. This mug is also embarking on this adventure with you. Regardless of the distance from really far to not so far. In the end it must be recognized that it too has vacationed, and therefore a distinguishing mark would be noteworthy to distinguish it from some other mug. What exactly could make this mug the absolute best?

The best vacation mug would include several of these important elements. By far the most needed element would be retractability. This is of great benefit because it fits nearly in everything. Then of course we would opt for a lightweight mug. This will make sure that your bag is not over the weight restriction, and of course having an icon of your state is a definite must for this special mug.

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Author: mark b

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